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Peaceful Resignation

(Visitation #6)

Death is only a horizon, and a horizon is only the limit of our sight. Open our eyes to see more clearly…”

— William Penn

For the past 4-5 days I have been feeling very uneasy. A feeling of giving up & no longer trying – a sense of “peaceful resignation.” Don’t get me wrong, this is not me talking – at least not my usual self. I don’t give up or give in easily. I was thinking of death but not in the way you may be thinking of it! My wife’s uncle has been sick for a few days with stomach aches. He is 93 yrs old & I got the sense of peaceful resignation from him. All I could think off was avoiding the daily grind.

A sense of submission & withdrawal is overwhelming me. Work was the only thing that could occupy my mind with other things, but I did not want to be there. My stomach was very uneasy & even upset. I was constantly running to the bathroom today. It hurt not with typical stomach pains but from almost a sense of withdrawal. The feeling was all over me. Every thought & every sound. The music I listened to for the past 4 days has a melancholic tone. I was listening to the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack. Songs like The Lonely Shepherd (MP3) & Nancy Sinatra’ Bang Bang (MP3). These songs have a mellow sound and bring back the past (but not my past). I even had a fascination with

Arika Yamaoka’s “Room of Angel” (MP3) – This song is from the Silent Hill 4 game & it has some dark undertones & black lyrics – “here’s a lullaby to close your eyes – goodbye…” (No – the lyrics are not indicative of the person, just music that I was drawn to).

Even when I did not have the music on, this song occupied my mind.

The theme of resignation occupies my mind over & over again. Wednesday night we found out that my wife’s uncle is diagnosed with cancer in the stomach & a blocked intestine and needs to be operated. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach & a sense of emptiness. A spiritual emptiness – like he was no longer there. Tonight we visited him again & I got a peaceful sense from him. He was in little pain & not awake, but I did feel his spirit. He was surrounded with the love of his family.

Tonight while sleeping I dreamt of him. Not his physical self but more his way of being. It was a nice feeling of peace, playfulness, serenity & love. That is who he is. We were two white puffy clouds floating in the sky. We were swirling together, playing and rejoicing life. The play felt like it had been going on for a lifetime, when all of a sudden his cloud pulled away from me and swished away forever.


Suddenly, at that very moment I woke up. It was 4am I awoke out of breath gasping for air. I felt like I was taking my last breath & there was no more air for me to breathe. I felt something leaving my soul & it took my breath with it. It took me a few minutes to get my breath back. My wife was helping me as I tried to explain to her my dream. “Why do you think that was him?” she asked me. I did not get a chance to answer.

It is now 4:30am and as I was trying to catch my breath, the phone rings! As my wife answer the phone, she turns around to look at me. “No way!” I think to myself. With that said. She tells me that it’s her cousin. “The hospital called. He has just passed away.” was all she said & all she needed to say – as I already knew. My wife gets ready & leaves for the hospital & I stay behind with our son, who is sleeping.

I could not fall back to sleep but am exhausted. This visitation really left me drained! It is now 6:30 am & I am listening to Arika Yamaoka’s “Room of Angel” (MP3) song as I type this. I no longer feel pain; that sense of resignation nor a submissive feeling of loss. As my stomach frees itself of anxiety, I begin to feel peace, playfulness & love as it fills my very existence.

It is who he was! Rest in peace, Rojelio

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A more recent Visitation

My father-in-law passed away in March. He lived with us before his passing. I was not expecting to get a visitation from him, but while sitting at my desk on the laptop he showed up. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow peeking around the corner. When I looked up the shadow moves away. He showed up on several other occasions – each time like a quick glimpse of light. Each time the feeling was of peace & tranquility.

Then I started to feel that he was worried – and I get a feeling for what concerns him. I whisper to him ” don’t worry – I will take care of your daughter & grandson.”

Since then I have not seen his shadow peeking around the corner anymore.

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More Visitors

After Valmi’s Visit, I have had several more Visitation-type realities. I don’t label them dreams because they are so real – so vivid that I swear that they are real. So vivid & surreal that I need to write them down even though they occurred a while back.

A few years ago, my sister-in-law’s mother passed away. She also came by to say good bye. I was sleeping so therefore I think I need to label it a dream, but It was so vivid that to this day I swear that I was really awake.

Another occurrence was back in January, my mother-in-law-passed away. She was a wonderful caring person and a beautiful soul. This time it was midday – her presence was made clear to me when a quick gust passed in front of me. It had a scent of violets (Her name was Violeta). The strange part was that I was indoors in my house and there was no possible source for a gust to pass so quickly since all the doors were closed.

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Valmi’s Visit

Many years ago I experienced a visitation that is still with me to this day. I was sleeping in my bed, when I am awaken by a soft female voice calling my name. I sit up in bed and catch a glimpse of something at the right hand corner of my room. There in the corner, next to the dresser is Valmi – just standing there. She was not a solid mass but a glowing, transparent image. Almost like an angel.

She says “I’m here just to say goodbye to you.” I ask her “where are you going” but she just ignores my question, smiles and tells me “take good care of your wife…”

The aura and glow around her starts flickering and then she fades away.

See Valmi for me was not only my brother-in-law’s sister, but she is Love, Peace & Joy. She was a very strong, tall woman with a very sweet and soothing voice. She worked as a butcher with tough hands, but with a very soft & loving touch.

She lives in Mt. Vernon, NY in a house that is partially owned by her, my brother-in-law & another one of their sisters. My brother-in-law would always invite our family to the parties there and that house was always – for me – full of fun, joy & freedom when I was a kid.

Something was telling me to go & visit her, since “there is no time left” is what I kept hearing. So I took a Saturday off to go see her. I visited her in that same house (maybe 100 miles away from Philly – where I was living at that time) just the week before my visitation. This time the joy was missing. She was very ill – dying of cancer – and a sadness in her eyes.

I saw her without her usual strength, without her usual happy smile and without her hair. She was almost embarrassed of the loss of hair – she did not want me to see her like that. But I had a very strong need to see her to I asked her husband to let my wife & I in. What I saw was a body physically ready to go, but a soul that still wanted to spread her joy to her family. She still had that soft touch.

So when she showed up in my bedroom that night, I could not sleep anymore. Her presence really made me wonder why had I experienced her & why was I seeing her as an aura. Two days later, I get a call from my sister in Florida. She gives me the news that Valmi passed away – just so happens – the same night & about the same time that I experienced my visitation.

It all makes sense to me now. She was talking to me and at the time I did not know why she was telling me this. But she said the following:

“Please ask my brother to care for my kids. He is the one that will do what’s right for them. And please keep an eye on my brothers and sisters so they will always know that I love them. celebrity nude Give them my love & joy.”

I always think of Valmi. She was a great person. Full of life – full of love and joy for everyone. She was a wonderful soul & by sharing my story, I want to give you the gift of Joy & Love she asked me to share with you.

I miss you Valmi! Thank you for allowing me to see that there is more to life then what we think we know. And that the Love & Joy you were – is still present for all.

Thank you for that gift.

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