More Visitors

After Valmi’s Visit, I have had several more Visitation-type realities. I don’t label them dreams because they are so real – so vivid that I swear that they are real. So vivid & surreal that I need to write them down even though they occurred a while back.

A few years ago, my sister-in-law’s mother passed away. She also came by to say good bye. I was sleeping so therefore I think I need to label it a dream, but It was so vivid that to this day I swear that I was really awake.

Another occurrence was back in January, my mother-in-law-passed away. She was a wonderful caring person and a beautiful soul. This time it was midday – her presence was made clear to me when a quick gust passed in front of me. It had a scent of violets (Her name was Violeta). The strange part was that I was indoors in my house and there was no possible source for a gust to pass so quickly since all the doors were closed.

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