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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the ‘all seeing eye’ pierces through, and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn’t indicate or promise, and which the other kind couldn’t detect.
–Mark Twain

Today I got really sad news. SM, a friend & mentor passed away! He is a powerhouse & an inspiration for me and many other people with whom he had contact. I couldn’t accept this news so I call a friend we have in common and I ask her… “Tell me it isn’t so!”

She replies  “I can’t do that – it is so…”

This news hit me extremely hard & I broke down and just had to cry. I don’t know why it hit me soooo hard. Maybe because I just saw him last night. Or maybe because it confirmed what I already knew last night AND felt powerless about it!!!

I knew he was leaving…

You’ve heard of the expression “The eyes are the windows of the soul..” Well last night, SM’s soul was exiting out thru his windows! His soul would no longer be contained.

The greatness that SM is – can no longer be contained within the smallness of a human package. The genie is free and the light can no longer be contained.

I saw a bright light started emanating from his collar, his eyes and from the top of his head. I knew last night, in the middle of the event, that SM’s soul was departing but i did not want to acknowledge it.

I sat there almost frozen – since I knew what it was. I wanted to jump up as scream SM “you can’t go.. Stay…” but like a freshly cut tree stump, I sat there stoic and numb.

SM shined last night, both literally & figuratively. See he managed the production of the event and was in charge of anything that happened with the facility and equipment. Well both the facility and the equipment acted up and of course SM took care of it. The evening was his and he shined. And I had the great honor to see him shine.

At the start of the event, the lights started to flicker. SM runs out the door to manage it. I ‘m sitting right up front & saw SM walk. As he streaked by I saw his light leaving for the first time. I tried connecting with his eyes but couldn’t see them.

The light was more like a dim glow & some glare on his glasses. The building lights flickered, then shut off and then a few minutes latter they came on. When SM walked back in, he looked normal so I thought nothing of it.

Few minutes later the lights decided to alternate – one row on & nothing else, then another section & nothing else. Again SM leaves the room & again he streaks by in front of me. I try to connect with his eyes. This time the glare was much stronger and it looks like steam spilling out around the rim. When he came back in, he looksnormal again.

What the heck – I’m I imagining this??

The third event is the building’s fire alarm going off. this time it was a strong and beautiful light!

I could see the light emanating from his eyes and reflecting off his glasses. It was so consistent that it blocked me from seeing his eyes.

All I could see is a shine around his eyes, a reflected back image on the lens and a halo around his head. Wow! this is beautiful

I’ve never experienced a soul leave at the moment it is going. I’ve always imagined that as  an awful experience. I’ve had death as a scary devastating occurrance.  After all we are lead to believe that death is the END – there is nothing there on the other side. The grand finale, the last curtain call and the end of who we are….

But my friends, I beg to differ & this experience confirms it for me. If you ask for evidence – I have none. You could call it a hallucination or a figment of my imagination.

But in my heart I know I got to experience the essence of who we are and how it is compressed and compacted down into this little 5′-9″ bottle I call my body. When I saw SM leaving, it was as if the genie was released from it’s bottle to be free and be the greatness that this soul can be.

Finally, at the end of the evening SM & his crew are called to the front to be acknowledged and in that moment, before he stood up, the halo around his head, pulled off towards the ceiling.

The glow left him!

The genie is now free to expand and stretch it wings. Fly & be free!

He was now complete as he was being acknowledged. He was free to go and left completely fulfilled.

OMG! my words are dismal at explaining the magnitude of what I was experiencing!

Within hours his body completed it’s purpose and at 10:15pm, SM was no longer on this earth. That evening SM’s life was completed in a fatal car accident. He went on to shine on out in the universe…

He is an amazing powerhouse, a beautiful soul shining and giving love to everyone he met.

Shine on you crazy diamond…

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Another Visitation

A common pattern is showing up in all my visitation experiences. I noticed that I allow the pains of other & their emotions to physically affect me.

For the last week I have been in great pain! It started with a terrible toothache. The pain then shoots right up the root up to the base of my eye socket. I can see it traveling inside my face. The pain shoots up into my eye & then the pain circles my left eye socket. Once it circles then it goes deep into the back of my eye and finally travels back to the front and remains as a mild headache.

This is bizarre – not only because of the imagery – but because I never get headaches. The pain continued for about a week & a half. The only thing that I can think of is of a bad toothache or even to my sinus problems. Any way I went to the doctor & they found nothing that could be the source of that kind of pain.

The week goes by and the pain still persists. I did not count on going to see a relative that is ill. My wife’s aunt is ill and is admitted into Hospice. At her bedside I never asked what pains she has, but I notice her face is indented around the left eye. Once I saw her the pain minimized. My cheek was still tender, but the pain disappear! At that moment I put the two together – my pain was related to her. The next day she passed away!

At the funeral I noticed that her eye, the same one where I had the pain – is dark & sunken – as is mine.

After many experiences & visitations I do not believe coincidences to be a ‘stroke of chance’, but as:

“Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.”
– Emma Bull

“When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.”
-Deepak Chopra

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First Visitation – the One

I need to share with you what just happened to me.

I’ve shared memories from my past, that were previously hidden, but that have been popping up for me. One of them is from Carteret, NJ.

It’s Friday night and I’m 12 years old. Dad is gathering us together for the sunset ‘culto.’ I am running away from him because he just turned off my favorite TV show. I am so mad and cursing at him and at God. Why does dad have to do this to start the Sabbath sunset service.

While I’m waiting, I demand of God that if this really was that important then why isn’t he present instead of just a vague, vengeful concept. See I was making God wrong for the way religion was represented to me. I was making him wrong for the way that the SDA religion requires that we deprive ourselves of the ‘worldly’ pleasures.

At that moment the image of Jesus Christ presented himself as an aura and relayed the message of peace and love to me. My life changed! Ever since then I have received that same message from many persons as they are leaving this earth to be with God.

I always feared getting the message – because of our religious beliefs. The messages always scared me since I was being visited by people as they are leaving their human form and dying. I always took this encounter to mean that I was weird, freaky or ungodly. The SDA religion says that this not of god, so I was not a ‘son of God’ worthy of his love.

So tonite I became present that God had chosen me to give the message to – but most importantly – to relay that message to others.

So I need to share a breakthru with you. Tonite I created the possibility of “Being the One” accountable for delivering God’s message of Love Peace and Fulfilment so the whole world can experience life as One!

I am no longer bound by the fear and vengeful God image that was present to me by my religion. I now know that God is Love. True unconditional Love. Agape love – a love that is overwhelming and over consuming. A Love that takes over and surrounds me completely.

God is love – and all there is, is Love.

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Visitation #8???

Oh no!! another dream! This time it’s my father! I dreamt that my brother & I got the news of his passing and we were hugging each other in sorrow. The dream was so deep and so personal that I woke up crying. I was crying because of the pain & sorrow, but maybe, as I have previously analyzed (visitation #7), this is the first sign of my visitations.

Now don’t think that I take the visitations lightly or that I am blindly falling for it. For years I was a skeptic & took them to be dreams with the coincidence of life just happening. But over the years I have learned that there is no such thing as coincidences. So now I keep my analytical process, while accepting that there are things beyond our knowledge. I have to accept the visitations as they come.

Actually my analytical process is continually being refined. The two step process is now five steps. 1: The dream happens. 2: I am aware that it is a dream no matter how real it was – or should I say – I actually remember the whole dream in the morning. This step is important since the only time I remember my dreams is when I write them down. Otherwise they are gone by the time I brush my teeth. 3: The visitation occurs within a few days of the dream. 4: the visitation actually occurs visually or audibly. 5: It is clearly not a dream state. I am awaken by the voices & I see the image or hear the voices after waking up.

So now I apply my analytical process to this current occurrence. The dream of someone dying occurred & step two, I did not forget it in the morning. So I was dreading step no 3. Actually It occupied my mind for the next few day. I called my dad & told him I loved him. He was actually not feeling well. I prayed for him. I did not want to go to sleep for the next few days for the fear that step 3 would occur. I am happy to say that step 3 never occurred.

I have had many of these type of dreams in the past without actually getting a visitation. But this time it was my dad. It scared me! I need to develop an additional check point so that I do not jump into any conclusions.

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Visitation #7

I had another visitation! On Sunday I woke up from a dream that someone had passed away. I could not tell who the dream was about, but the feeling was that they were dying. I recounted my dream to my wife & at that moment, I did not think much of it.

But – last night at 2:25am I awoke because I was heard a muffled voice behind me. I also heard some chatter over head – somebody talking to me. I could not make out what the voice was saying. I know I hear that voice, but I was desperately trying to hear what they wanted to say. By now I lost that voice. I got out of bed and walked around the house to see what could be causing it – nothing. I was still distrusting that it could be something other than the physical. As the title states, this is not the first time that I get a visitation. But it still surprises me. I still think that it could be something physical that is causing the noises. So I have to understand the patterns in my visitations. First, I get a dream of somebody dying. When this occurs I have to pay attention to the next dream. Second, a day or two later I get a visitation – it will be the message. So when I am awoken by somebody talking to me I should not take it lightly.

So to continue.. Sure enough – in the moring I woke up and my wife is on the phone & tells me that her best friend called with the news that Dave W. has passed away.

David Goodbye – go in peace.

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