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Scavenger Hunt : Bugarach

On your way to the south of France & its beautiful beaches, take a little side visit to a village called Bugarach,

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the French Pyrenees of south east France, lies a sleepy, scenic farming community of Bugarach. Thousands of people flock to this village not for its savory wine, its fresh dairy nor its wild orchids but for three other things that has made this village famous.

First :: it is known for its Pic de Bugarach. It is a standalone mountain peak nicknamed as the “upside-down mountain.” This is because the rock strata in the top layers of the mountain are millions of years older than the rock strata at the base – hence its nickname.

Scientists are not really sure how this happened, but ancient explorers say that this anomaly may be caused because it lies on a well-known LeyLine & is a spiritual energy center. Aside from the LeyLine theory, this peak, which rises 1230 meters above sea-level has earned fame for being a ‘sacred mountain.’ Maybe for the area’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ fame & the story of Mary Magdalene living here – but that’s a subject for a different exploration.

Whatever the reason, the visitors to this quaint town have acknowledged that the place has a “special atmosphere – silent & vibrant. Things appear more clearly & you feel that this place is the beginning of a new life.”

Second :: the breathtaking blue skies and eagles in flight are not the only things in this town’s skyline. Bugarach single peak has, for decades, experienced UFO activity.

It has become famous for the numerous UFO sightings over this town and even reportedly – landings. The two narrow streets, its 176 residents & its score of wild orchids are the hosts of what has been called the “UFO underground parking park.” This is because a bewildering number of strange sounds and odd light effects have been emerging from the mountain.

Lastly :: Back in 2010 the town council became aware of its newly-founded notoriety as the ‘Doomsday Village’. They were informed that thousands of unexpected visitors, numerous hikers and hippies were planned on making this community, their last home on earth. They all of a sudden became very concerned for their safety & the unexpected overcrowding that would come to this tiny town, of 176 people.

The town is known as the ‘Doomsday Village’ of the world because many people believed that this mountain – as a sacred mountain – would be the only place in the world where they would be able to survive a perceived 2012 disaster. Imagine if tens of thousands actually had to survive in this tiny village on that fateful day.

Your Quest ::

  • What are the physical aspects of this town that makes thousand (even Jules Verne & the ancient Celtic people) flock to this location?
  • Where did all these new ‘residents’ plan on ‘hiding out’?
  • What hidden feature would sustain such a large crowd & allow them to survive the perceived disaster?
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