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Just Imagine…

“From our orbital vantage point, we observe an Earth without borders, full of peace, beauty and magnificence. And we pray that Humanity as a whole can IMAGINE a borderless world, as we see it, and strive to live as one in Peace.”
– William McCool
(Astronaut – died on February 1, 2003 over the southern United States when Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew perished during entry.)

McCool had requested John Lennon’s song Imagine to be his ‘space song.’ His vision of what the world could be is inspiring.

I can only IMAGINE what he saw. A tremendous sense of power! Mixed with the realization that we are only specks of dust in the wind. Yes I can fathom how that view of our world could inspire him.

This image is a space image over Turkey. Looking at it I can visualize humanity as one borderless world.

I can picture a world where our country is no longer wrapped up by its own limited borders. I can imagine the self-created boundaries disappearing – no longer seperating us. No longer keeping us away from the others. All of a sudden I can picture an Indian in the Amazon jungle that much closer to me. I can visualize that starving child in Ethiopia as close as my own son.

All humans living as one. Yes, I can imagine that! Maybe one day I will be present to that level of magnificence.

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Approaching the Gateway

I don’t want to put thoughts into your mind. Yes, the realist in me would say that this is just camera failure – leave it at that. But why now? Why for images of the descansos?

Sorry can’t help myself – what are these people doing in the middle of the road!? This image looks like white lighters are waiting for me at the gateway. Welcoming me to another world.

Just look at the larger image I you will see what I mean.

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What is yet to Come

This is a third image, I’m posting, of my first attempt to photograph the descanso.

As I explained, I can take pictures just fine. I have done it before, actually the pictures I took just hours before were fine. But now that I am trying to document the descansos – the pictures are, all of a sudden, not coming out well.

Anyway, the images I did get are very surreal & almost mystic. This image looks like a group of people heading up the road off into the sunset. What is yet to come is only available ahead of the roadway.

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Waiting Around

Another picture that ended up differently than intended. This was after taking the image of the “descanso” marker. On my way back home I took some images of the road. Again it was broad daylight (look at the lightpost – no lights on) but the image is dark & ominous. The sky was a bright blue & the clouds were white with a bright red glow from the setting sun. The impression that I got from this image is of a group of people just waiting around. Almost like drifting souls looking for direction & guidance. Off to the left comes the white lighters that will guide them further.

I cannot understand what happened (I know – camera failure) but the images are quite eerie & mystically wonderful.

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The Guardians

“– The Guardians”

I started documenting my Descansos project & ran into some – for a lack of a better word – strangeness. I was taking a picture of a “descanso” – a place of rest along our journey of life. I got this strange feeling that I was invading somebody’s privacy.

I took this picture in broad daylight as the sun was beginning to set. No special filters/effects, just the camera acting strange. The sky was a beautiful red, but as you can see the camera decided on a different image. I was focusing on the “Drive Safely” marker. The setup was perfect. The marker was in the foreground with a lone rail car left on the rail tracks & some tall trees in the background. Beyond that were some beautiful red clouds in the sky & a power pole on the right.

I call this one “The Guardians” because it looks like a group looking over the marker that is glowing below from the flash. The whole background is pitch black & the pole looks like a cross. The camera was set at auto iso, so it should have taken the image very clearly (as were the previous images I took hours before of a mundane object).

I do not know what happened or why but it is as if I was not meant to get these pictures. I took about (20) & they are all distorted in one way or another. I will post several more just because they are strangely beautiful.

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