Just Imagine…

“From our orbital vantage point, we observe an Earth without borders, full of peace, beauty and magnificence. And we pray that Humanity as a whole can IMAGINE a borderless world, as we see it, and strive to live as one in Peace.”
– William McCool
(Astronaut – died on February 1, 2003 over the southern United States when Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew perished during entry.)

McCool had requested John Lennon’s song Imagine to be his ‘space song.’ His vision of what the world could be is inspiring.

I can only IMAGINE what he saw. A tremendous sense of power! Mixed with the realization that we are only specks of dust in the wind. Yes I can fathom how that view of our world could inspire him.

This image is a space image over Turkey. Looking at it I can visualize humanity as one borderless world.

I can picture a world where our country is no longer wrapped up by its own limited borders. I can imagine the self-created boundaries disappearing – no longer seperating us. No longer keeping us away from the others. All of a sudden I can picture an Indian in the Amazon jungle that much closer to me. I can visualize that starving child in Ethiopia as close as my own son.

All humans living as one. Yes, nude celebrities I can imagine that! Maybe one day I will be present to that level of magnificence.

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