Live life on the edge….

On the fringe is where life lives.
Sitting in the middle,
on the fence, life passes us by.

In the middle
we survey the world around us.
We look around and see
life going by.
We can spend all our existence
sitting on the fence without
really living life.

Ahh! But on the edge
life is really lived.
Here we can see the
beginning and the end.
Standing at the Rock of Gibralter
we can feel the Alpha & the Omega.

Here we can see the boundary
of our earth only because
of the darkness of space.
It’s all black & white.

Only in the darkness of space
can we define the radiance
of the all mighty sun.

Only because a flower pops up from
the ground can we visualize
life in a deserted world.

So too by defining this edge
can we really see our humanity.
We can only define love
by its opposite – hatred.

Only when love starts can we really say
that hatred has ended.
Only peace can stop war dead in its track.
Only an “I’m sorry” can ease the
pain created by negative words.

Your words are your power
only on the edge can you really
distinguish the brilliance
of your word.

Give your words meaning.
Give them power & significance
Give yourself integrity.

“Say what you mean and mean what you say”
– Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

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