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Today is Pangea Day

“Pangea Day uses the power of film to bring the world a little closer together.”

Pangea is the hypothetical landmass that existed when all continents were believed to be one. This is where everything, all of us originated.

Pangea Day is the day where people in Barcelona, Spain; Madurai, India; Maputo, Mozambique; Medellin, Colombia; and little old me in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA can be part of a singular global event. I AM one not only with my thoughts, my family, BUT with the whole world!

It is the experience of what it is to BE human.

In one segment of the event Jonathan Harris presented his website wefeelfine.org where he explores human emotions on a global scale. I realized that I am experiencing many of the same emotions. He shows that we are one!

“Stories are the glue that holds the world together.”

It’s funny to see what one posts on a blog can actually inspire something in someone else. I guess this is why I write this blog – to actually make a difference out there. Maybe something I say can make a difference out there.

Another presenter, Ishmael Beah was a child soldier when he lost his family at war in his African country. He asked us to

“See each other’s common humanity and not the differences that tear us apart.”

He expressed that Hope is a form of strength! So my hope for the world is that war, anger, hatred, indifference will all one day disappear and we can live united as one!

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The Boys of Summer

Signing Autographs

Yesterday, the family & I did our usual Sunday thing.

In the morning the three of us went to church & then naked celebrities my son & I went to see a baseball game. This week it was the Jupiter Hammerheads vs the Daytona Cubs (It’s Minor League baseball). It was a great day for both of us.

Not only did we have some great father/son moments, but my son won a baseball & a baseball bat at the game. He was so excited!!

Even better he got his bat autographed by 9 Hammerhead players! Here he is, getting his new bat signed by a couple of players.

I love Roger Dean Stadium! It is a small field and it feels old-time & personable. Even the town of Jupiter has that old-time quiet hometown feel. The players shake hands with the kids and it’s just about having fun.

In the past I’ve been to Major League games where the Marlins are out of reach. They charge for autographs and the players even get arrogant about what they will not sign. These are kids who look up to these guys as heroes – come on! is this what we want our heroes to act like? They have forgotten the ‘game’ of baseball vs the ‘business’ of it.

Anyway off my soapbox!

Breaking the Bat!

These guys of the Minor League are one-on-one with the kids. I love that!

I especially love how close we can get to the playing field! I enjoy taking tons of pictures & trying to catch them in action.

Here’s one I’m proud of. Not only did I catch the very moment where he hits the ball – BUT – I got the swing at the very second the bat is breaking! Awesome Luck!! If you zoom in, you could see the bat as it’s cracking!

This is what I love about life. It feels good to be a part of moments like this – they only come around once. It feels even better to know that in a world that is constantly at war, we can still find good ‘ol American Baseball – gotta love it!!!

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Thought of the Day – May 18, 2007

David by Michelangelo

“A man paints with his brain
and not with his hands.”

– Michelangelo
Italian Renaissance Sculptor and Painter

It is our imagination that allows us to paint, draw, sculpt, create! Allowing our ‘self’ to express itself is what we were meant to do & it is what gives us our greatness.

Allow your inner ‘music’ to be free and to shine.

Surrender to the greatness that you are!

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Dock of the Bay

Dock of the Bay
Originally uploaded by svg_photo.

Ran across this beautiful picture while browsing in Flickr.com.

It is a very crisp picture that puts me right there over looking out to the bay. I am feeling the cold weather & can feel my breath in the cold crisp air.

Sitting here feeling the breeze coming in from the water & the chill that the wet air brings with it, I find myself drifting away.

Thanks for the beautiful photo.

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