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Cosa Nostra (redux)

Another dream with the Sopranos. This time I was a member of their group. We were scamming somebody at a major sporting arena. We were all getting ready in our hotel room and have started regrouping in the lobby. We make our way to the arena and are now waiting in line to enter the complex. It is very noisy and hectic with everybody anxiously waiting to get in. The elevator gives me the feeling of another dream where the elevator rose indefinately and went in many different directions. We are rising to the top level (the V.I.P.) section, but when we get off it feels odd. At this point I remember that I left my tools at the hotel room & tell the guys that I will return shortly.

Back at the hotel room I get my tools and get this wierd sensation that somebody is watching me. As I return to the V.I.P. room, I keeping looking over my shoulder – stange feeling. Everybody is there including the guy we were going to scam & ultimately kill. The scam is going down & they give me the signal to kill him, when there’s a pounding at the door. The door slams to the floor and we are flooded with SWAT and secret service agents.

The guys are all looking to each other as if asking – who snitched?? when all of a sudden this cocky officer turns to me and says “thanks for the tip!” Tony gives me this look, as if to say – “I am going to kill you!”

Strange feeling – I just realized that by returning to the hotel room I had alerted the agents and ultimately lead them back to the V.I.P. room. Again I was the culprit of Tony’s demize.

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Hi, my name is – what, my name is – who??

Original Date : August 12, 1997)

Usually I cannot recall any of my dreams, except last night I remembered one.

I dreamt that I was confined to a wheelchair and I remember the feeling of helplessness. It was the most pitiful situation, but I do remember being too self-consumed with my situation. All I think about and all I talk about is my pain and my anger for being in this chair. I am soooo wrapped in self-pity that I could not focus of the face of the woman who was doing everything for me. She was helping me around and felt to be very familiar, but I could not make out a face because of my inability to see beyond my problems. She was very warm, helpful, and most of all I got the feeling that she cared more about helping me than her own needs. Lots like Mercy, but I could not feel her presence. I took her for granted and never cared how she was doing – and all she would do or say were words of support and concern for me. Such a selfless person in sharp contrast to a self-involved me.

Ok, now how do I interprete this one! My son is due to be born in 2 months; my job is doing ok, but I cannot wait till I get out of work to get on with my life; I want this I want that… where’s my wife?? I guess I should see how she is doing, bye.

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Challenges to Conquer

(Original Date: July 5, 1997)

This blog seems to be sporadic. I’m not sure why my entries are spread out. I do have many dreams that are perfect candidates for this blog, but I don’t seem to write them down. Most of the time I tend to forget the dreams as soon as I wake up. By the time I’m brushing my teeth, I can’t recall what I dreamt. Charlie says that my dreams are messages for my reality. He said that I am afraid to know what is being told to me. I guess I am afraid, but of what? I have always wanted to know what is beyond us or who is out there. And I can’t see why I would be afraid of it now. Maybe I want to know who is sending me these messages & what am I supposed to be doing with them. I sometimes feel that I should not be keeping them to myself, but I’m afraid to show them to anyone.

Maybe that’s the challenge to be conquered. It is commonly known that dreams are a message from your subconcious. What are the messages I am getting thru my dreams?

Could it be that I should take a chance that not everyone will understand what I’m thinking or feeling. It’s ok if they do not understand or care. The only thing that matters is if I care enough to express my dreams/feelings therefore the purpose of this blog.

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Rejoice for a brand new life is granted you.

(Original Date :June 5, 1997)

Rejoice for you are granted this beautiful gift from God.
Protect this baby with all your will and
love him with all your heart
for God has entrusted you with the greatest gift he can give…
The gift of life.

A brand new life, a brand new soul
A brand new gift to make us whole.

A gift to cherish, a gift to protect
from all the evil and injustice on this earth.

God has loaned you a new life and it is up to you to ensure
that this beautiful new baby is well prepared for his journey
in life, a journey to fulfill God’s plan.

I had this dream several months before my son was born.

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Knightly Challange

(Original date: May 29,1997)
What is this you ask?
Ask not for knowing will only torment you.

Torment! Ha!
Torment is an old acquaintance
as familiar as a playground bully
from my childhood days…
or as classic as a rejection
from a high school sweetheart.

So do not threaten with such impotent words
Words will not suffice in this battlefield.

This dream came just like my medieval dreams seem to. I am a young peasant boy with trashy clothes and a ‘mop top’ hair do. I have black hair and its dirty – almost shiny & greasy. This time I find myself transformed into a knight on a black horse in the mist of battle. The words are my challenge – too whom, I do not know…

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