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A Change Gonna Come…

Be the change you wish to see in the world!”
– Mahatma Ghandi

Times are changing and lately it seems like they’ve being changing daily!

Most of us are not used to drastic changes happening so quickly.

The stock market’s ebbs & flows no longer with the calmness of a backwoods river but lately it seems to come with the force of a hurricane.

From day to day the stock market deals with 500-600 points dips or gains. Every other day we hear of new record lows at the closing bell. 401k’s, retirement plans, saving are all dwindling down to nothing. People are losing their homes in record numbers.

In the last couple of months the price of gas has gone from $4.65 per gallon to $1.87. Many major retailers are closing their stores and every large industry is now begging to get bailed out. Changes seems to be erratic but most of all change seems to be eminent.

Most of us (including me) deal with change as an unknown and fear it. We see it as a stranger and hide from it, avoid it, and worst of all resist it!

So what is there to naked celebs do??

Embrace it – Am I crazy!! – What did you say embrace it??

Yes! Change is the only real constant in life and as such there is no avoiding it. But there is no fearing it too! I can adapt to respond to the change. Now the next question that shows up in my head is “What do I have to change when its’ the world that is in disarray? I’m just being affected by it. It’s not up to me.”

Well the first thing that I say needs changing is THAT! Being resigned to the idea that it’s beyond my control. This mindset only leaves me as a victim of my circumstances.

Second thing that I can change is the way that I approach life. Instead of living a life of “expectation” I can come from a world on “Intention.” So for example: I’ve been griping that the government is violation our civil liberties and our right to freedom. I expect these to be my God-given gifts and I expect the government to grant them to me. I would rather be creating an intention of being free and at peace AND being in action to make that exist.

Third, and the most important is seeing myself as part of a bigger picture. Right now in this country, most of us live an individualistic life. We consider ourselves separate from one another and seperate from Source, God, Allah-Blessed be His name (I’ll call them all collectively as God). In this way of thinking, then the things that happen to me are BIG and MY circumstances do seem to be overwhelming and difficult to deal with.

But if I see myself as one with one another, then I can see that all of us are going thru some kind of change – TOGETHER. If I am one with God, then I can see that my problems are nothing and so tiny for God’s hands.

By seeing it this way I am no longer a slave to the ebbs & flows of my circumstances. I am free and at peace to be me and to be the greatness that God intended for me. But most of all I am free to do something about it!

Neale Donald Walsch on his blog says it beautifully.

There’s no reason to hang out in uncertainty or apprehension or fear about the future… Learn how to use change as the greatest thing that has ever happened to you, and how to embrace loss as not loss at all, but gain.”

This, in my opinion, is the only real way to deal with change. So I invite you to try it on and see how it fits for you and accept the flow of life.

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Love Now

I have been getting very frustrated with the political/economic environment in this country. The level of fear is incredible! I am concerned by the conspiracy theories, fear-mongering and the doomsday stories that are supposedly out to cause the end of the world as we know it.

The real estate market taking a dump; foreclosures at an all time hi; banks falling apart and failing; the declaration of Marshall Law in the USA.

Did you know that as of Oct 1st Marshall Law was enacted???

The eminent collapse of the Dollar and the possible introduction of the Amero. Have you heard of the Amero? It is the new coinage that will replace the Dollar. It is where our money, investments, 401K’s, OUR savings! ALL will be worthless – at best only pennies on the Dollar.

The thought of all this scared the shit out of me! And left me disempowered and in a swirl.

So what is there to do??

Well, just be present to the fact that “Its all a choice between Fear and Love!” When I get overwhelmed with negative stories, I forget that life is just a ride and that I have a choice!

Just listen to this video.

Bill Hicks has an explanation to What the Point of our Lives is.

It is an inspiring perspective!

It’s that simple, someone might even call it simplistic, but I’m standing for it:

“Choose Love. It is and has always been the only answer!”

This is only a ride! We can change it anytime, it’s our choice – Fear or Love!

“The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors and buy guns! Close yourself off.”

Choosing fear only lets the demons run amok. Fear will lead us to shut ourselves off and hide out.

Here is what we can do to change the world!

Choosing Love will allow us to explore space together (both inner and outer) forever in peace! – The eyes of Love see all of us as One…

Turn off the chatter of the main stream media and….
Choose for yourself!

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FreakN Friday Video – Horror Cat

FreakN as in freaking amazing! freaking wonderful! freaking funny!! You get the idea…

So I am doing something different here. I am going to post every Friday a new song/video that I find to be amazing, wonderful, inspiring, funny and to share it with you in the hopes of spreading fun & lightness around.

Maybe you’ll like my choice or hate it, let me know, but the real purpose is just spreading fun & lightness around. Since the economy took a dive, people & things just seem to be getting heavy & significant now-a-days. Even some of my posts.

So, anyway the idea is to have a fun Friday & a post that will amaze you, make you laugh (Oops, I know I said that already!) or just really make you stop and think.

Let me know what you think – Rate it! Comment on it! Steal it!

Oct 3,2008 : Horror Cat Attacks!

Horror Cat is here to eat Fancy Feast and murder human beings… and she’s all out of Fancy Feast!

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Grandeur of our Universe

I just got a glimpse of the real grandeur of the universe and the immensity of God. How large & magnificent can the Creator be to have made the universe.

A few weeks back my son & I were walking around the neighborhood & my son saw a red ant hill. He runs over to it, takes a stick & goes to destroy the ant hill. I stop him and tell him to leave the ants alone. I remember imaging an ant looking up and being overwhelmed by the shear size of my son in relationship to theirs.

Earth & the SunSo today I got a feeling of what the ants might have visualized.

The perspective of our place on earth. I am one person in, a small town in the state of Florida, in the best country on earth. Now imagine the U.S.A. in relationship to the mass of the earth. Then the relationship of the earth to the sun (that’s the earth on the lower right side), the third rock from the Sun. Then just picture our solar system compared to our galaxy and the size of our galaxy compared with the universe.

Yes, I know this is actually old news – and yes any grade school science student knows that. The science is elementary, so I won’t go there – What I want to discuss is something bigger, more magnificent – so just hang on & ride it out with me…

Imagine the grandeur of a Creator that can conceive all of this!

Our Earth is really tiny compared to the sun. This is enough to leave me in awe! but I want you to know that our sun is only an ordinary star, classified as a dwarf star. There are more than 100 million such stars in our galaxy.

If our Sun is a dwarf then imagine the size of a Giant star! A typical one is about the size of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Now picture a star even larger! so large that “Giant” is not enough to describe it. The scientists had to come up with a name like “SuperGiant.”

Beatelgeuse vs Our SunA star that fits this description is Betelgeuse (More…)

So in comparison, imagine the size of a creator that can conceive Betelgeuse as only one in a million NO billions of stars.

That little white spec on the lower left side, under Antares, is our sun. WOW I feel so small!

That is nothing! Check out the next step and the greatness of our Creator.

Yes Betelgeuse is thousands of times larger then our sun. So large that our Sun is barely a spec next to Betelgeuse, but imagine even bigger stars!

How about a star so large that ‘Super’ is not enough to describe it. It is classified as a ‘HyperGiant.’

VY Canis MajorisImagine a star that is 2100 times larger then our Sun. VY Canis Majoris (More…) is such a star.

This really leaves me in awe!

Our sun is but a pixel next to this giant. Can you imagine the vastness of the universe where this HyperGiant exists only as one piece of a giant constellation!?

Now imagine a creator that can conceive of all of this.

He is so grand that we as humans cannot even fathom this greatness. He is all, sees all and is omnipresent, even with us.

So grand that anything we conceive as a ‘BIG’ concern, issue or problem is minuscule compared to the greatness of God. By this I mean that anything and everything is do-able for God! Nothing is a ‘big problem’ for him and the vastness of His compassion can help us with our BIGGEST problem.

Think of this the next time that you are dealing with the ‘problems’ of life:

“Don’t tell God how big your problems are…tell your problems how big God is.”

Give them all to God and surrender to His greatness. I ask you to accept His generosity, compassion and His LOVE. His love is bigger then anything we can ever imagine!

Here is the whole thing for a complete perspective.

It is truly breathtaking to see it put together like this video shows.

The grandeur of our universe never seizes to amaze!

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