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Venice in a Day

The beauty of Venice is breathtaking. Of the cities I’ve visited, Venice is my 2nd most favorite city only after Oia, Santorini.

Oia has the beautiful sunsets & the romance of the blue & white clif-hanging building. It is a village for a romantic getaway. Quiet & serine and what dreams of made of.

Venice on the other-hand has the beauty of a city I can live in day-to-day. It has the social & cultural aspect that I like in a city. It is a city of large & small scale charm all wrapped up in to one. Architecturally, it can feed my soul for the rest of my life & culturally I can feed off its beauty.

Here is a video, for your enjoyment, of the activity & the beauty of this magical city.

Venice in a Day from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

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Please Don’t Bomb the Moon…

What the heck are we thinking!!??

I think we (USA) have really, really lost our minds! OK, I can buy the bombing of Afghanistan – those lousy Taliban…

OK, Iraq… Remember Iraq, they lied told us that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction and we all bought it! Shame on me! In the last few weeks, they are intent to bomb Iran – all to take advantage of it’s natural resources (children can you say… o-i-l).

But now we are gonna bomb the moon for it’s water. I distrust the intent of this mission. See the government has set a bad precedent & I just can’t take their word for it anymore. In the past, they’ve sold us a down-right lie ‘valid’ reason when they really had ulterior motives. What they really sold us was flagrantly not true! All to get those countries’ oil.

Now back to the moon – they tell us that they found water on the moon & this is the excuse reason why we are gonna create an explosion the size of a large city – so they can capture the water droplets in the debris. The plume the explosion will create is soooo large that we will be able to see it from the earth. Is that really necessary????

Does this sound a bit extreme to you as well????

I have an extract from the article that explains the project (I found it on counterpunch.org )

And now, once again, there are plans to bomb the Moon. This time the unilateral strike is aimed at the Moon’s South Pole and the payload will be delivered by the LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) spacecraft; the excuse given is that this is an effort to find water deep under lunar surface. The craft was launched in late June and is currently orbiting the Earth until it finds its target; if all goes according to plan, the M-Day bombing will be October 8, 2009.

The plan is this: the LCROSS first shoots off its 2,300-pound spent booster-rocket at the lunar target zone. Four minutes later, in a scheme apparently inspired by fanatical terrorist airline hijackers, the rest of the robotic LCROSS craft slams into the same area. Like crazed kamikaze paparazzi, the craft will snap photos and transmit data on the first strike back to NASA’s mad bombers before immolating itself in a second explosion. This violent hi-tech sci-fi spectacle will cost anywhere up to $600 million, a price tag that is an outrageous insult to the millions of working people unable to feed, house, or medically treat their families. (As Gil Scott-Heron lamented in 1974: “How come there ain’t no money here? Hmm! Whitey’s on the Moon…”)

Of course, there is much more behind this attack than casual scientific curiosity on whether or not there is water on the Moon. First of all, since the long-range accuracy of intercontinental ballistic missiles has never been proven to work, the LCROSS suicide mission serves as a live-fire test exercise for US war strategists with an interest in the precision of orbiting satellite weapons—in other words, the southern hemisphere of the Moon will be turned into a firing range, making this mission one giant leap for the global reach of space warfare. Secondly, LCROSS has been promoted as “the vanguard” for the US military-industrial-entertainment complex’s return to the Moon—according to NASA, finding water is a necessary first step for “building a long-term and sustainable human presence” there. Historically, the purpose of exploration has always been the exploitation of resources and the colonization of territory without regard for ecosystems or indigenous peoples, and clearly the Moon is the next territory coveted by imperialists.

So now we are gonna blow a hole on the moon & make it look even more like Swiss Cheese. I as much as the next guy love to see stuff blow up, but this project does not sit well.

So back to my theory… If this is just a cover story, then what would be a real reason to blow up the moon? DISCLAIMER: This is just my theory. I’m speculating & having fun making this up. Why? Because this NASA project is so OUT THERE, so OVERDONE, so OUTLANDISH, and 600 million dollars, all to prove there is water on the moon. HELLOOO-OOOOHH! And if you buy that, I have a beautiful bridge that I can sell you… I’m speculating & having a ‘conspiracy-theori-itis’ moment & I’m pissed that USA lies to us. I’m venting so don’t make it mean ANYTHING…

  • Maybe they are blowing up something they don’t want us to see…At first I was not going to offer this as an option, I laughed & thought it’s so ridiculous. but a statement from Former United Nations Ambassador and Fox News analyst John Bolton, and several other scientists, made me thing twice. John Bolton stated: “What the sam hell is going on over on the side [of the moon] we can’t see?” Bolton asked. “How do we know the Lunarians aren’t amassing weapons of mass goddamn destruction using superior space technology purchased from an advanced race of mantis-like extra-terrestrials? The answer is, ‘we don’t.'”That statement sounds out there – Lunarians on the dark-side of the moon… From a prior official? Well he is not the only one that thinks so…
  • Maybe we are testing our own mega Weapon-of-Mass-Destruction that will orbit the earth & strike on any target we choose, without sending out one soldier, all from the safety of the president’s desk & his little red button. The test site – for now – is on the moon. Very public, clearly announced and showing a missile orbiting the moon & striking a pre-determined spot. I’m having a Dr. Evil moment: “We won’t push the red button on your ass, if you pay us one milllliiiioooonnnn dollars…..”
  • Who knows the environmental implications that may have on the orbit of the moon or it’s magnetic pull on the earth. So maybe, they want to fix a deteriorating orbit as suggested by Ask the Astronomer. Or maybe they need to correct a failing magnetic field thereby fixing the rising ocean currents in the process. Why? I don’t know… but an option.
  • Maybe they are just so darn frustrated, because they have not found Bin Laden & those damn muslin-hate mongers to blow their ass, that they just have to pick on the next bigger thing to blow up – just to feel better about themselves.
  • Now theory #5 just to round things up. With a hint of sarcasm & lead by “Mr Show”…

    “We have the technology, the time is now! America can and will blow up the moon now…”

    This makes great TV people…

    Don’t you get it? America pride, know-how & tenacity.”

  • What if, just a thought… What if nothing comes of it?

    I mean, what if the hype and protest is just hype? It would definately be something that got us all worked up and then just let us down. This rollercoaster ride would have more an effect on us then the pull of the moon does.

As you can see, I can definitely imagine many scenarios, but really: Why would NASA do it?

“The Monkey demands an answer!”

Well maybe because it’s there & because we can.

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Let the Wild Rumpus Start!!!

Inside all of us is Fear…

This is true! With the way the economy is going

Inside all of us is Hope!

I am so excited that the movie is coming out! I loved this book when I was a kid & still am drawn to it when I am at the library.

Don’t know why it has such a strong draw for me, but I do know that when I was a kid, I associated very much with Max, the main character. Growing up, I would always escape to my room and be lost in a book, or drawing.

I created worlds where I was the ‘king’ and nothing or nobody else told me what to do. Oh well, that is the life of a kid, dreaming & creating world to live in.

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the ‘all seeing eye’ pierces through, and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn’t indicate or promise, and which the other kind couldn’t detect.
–Mark Twain

Today I got really sad news. SM, a friend & mentor passed away! He is a powerhouse & an inspiration for me and many other people with whom he had contact. I couldn’t accept this news so I call a friend we have in common and I ask her… “Tell me it isn’t so!”

She replies  “I can’t do that – it is so…”

This news hit me extremely hard & I broke down and just had to cry. I don’t know why it hit me soooo hard. Maybe because I just saw him last night. Or maybe because it confirmed what I already knew last night AND felt powerless about it!!!

I knew he was leaving…

You’ve heard of the expression “The eyes are the windows of the soul..” Well last night, SM’s soul was exiting out thru his windows! His soul would no longer be contained.

The greatness that SM is – can no longer be contained within the smallness of a human package. The genie is free and the light can no longer be contained.

I saw a bright light started emanating from his collar, his eyes and from the top of his head. I knew last night, in the middle of the event, that SM’s soul was departing but i did not want to acknowledge it.

I sat there almost frozen – since I knew what it was. I wanted to jump up as scream SM “you can’t go.. Stay…” but like a freshly cut tree stump, I sat there stoic and numb.

SM shined last night, both literally & figuratively. See he managed the production of the event and was in charge of anything that happened with the facility and equipment. Well both the facility and the equipment acted up and of course SM took care of it. The evening was his and he shined. And I had the great honor to see him shine.

At the start of the event, the lights started to flicker. SM runs out the door to manage it. I ‘m sitting right up front & saw SM walk. As he streaked by I saw his light leaving for the first time. I tried connecting with his eyes but couldn’t see them.

The light was more like a dim glow & some glare on his glasses. The building lights flickered, then shut off and then a few minutes latter they came on. When SM walked back in, he looked normal so I thought nothing of it.

Few minutes later the lights decided to alternate – one row on & nothing else, then another section & nothing else. Again SM leaves the room & again he streaks by in front of me. I try to connect with his eyes. This time the glare was much stronger and it looks like steam spilling out around the rim. When he came back in, he looksnormal again.

What the heck – I’m I imagining this??

The third event is the building’s fire alarm going off. this time it was a strong and beautiful light!

I could see the light emanating from his eyes and reflecting off his glasses. It was so consistent that it blocked me from seeing his eyes.

All I could see is a shine around his eyes, a reflected back image on the lens and a halo around his head. Wow! this is beautiful

I’ve never experienced a soul leave at the moment it is going. I’ve always imagined that as  an awful experience. I’ve had death as a scary devastating occurrance.  After all we are lead to believe that death is the END – there is nothing there on the other side. The grand finale, the last curtain call and the end of who we are….

But my friends, I beg to differ & this experience confirms it for me. If you ask for evidence – I have none. You could call it a hallucination or a figment of my imagination.

But in my heart I know I got to experience the essence of who we are and how it is compressed and compacted down into this little 5′-9″ bottle I call my body. When I saw SM leaving, it was as if the genie was released from it’s bottle to be free and be the greatness that this soul can be.

Finally, at the end of the evening SM & his crew are called to the front to be acknowledged and in that moment, before he stood up, the halo around his head, pulled off towards the ceiling.

The glow left him!

The genie is now free to expand and stretch it wings. Fly & be free!

He was now complete as he was being acknowledged. He was free to go and left completely fulfilled.

OMG! my words are dismal at explaining the magnitude of what I was experiencing!

Within hours his body completed it’s purpose and at 10:15pm, SM was no longer on this earth. That evening SM’s life was completed in a fatal car accident. He went on to shine on out in the universe…

He is an amazing powerhouse, a beautiful soul shining and giving love to everyone he met.

Shine on you crazy diamond…

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