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First Visitation – the One

I need to share with you what just happened to me.

I’ve shared memories from my past, that were previously hidden, but that have been popping up for me. One of them is from Carteret, NJ.

It’s Friday night and I’m 12 years old. Dad is gathering us together for the sunset ‘culto.’ I am running away from him because he just turned off my favorite TV show. I am so mad and cursing at him and at God. Why does dad have to do this to start the Sabbath sunset service.

While I’m waiting, I demand of God that if this really was that important then why isn’t he present instead of just a vague, vengeful concept. See I was making God wrong for the way religion was represented to me. I was making him wrong for the way that the SDA religion requires that we deprive ourselves of the ‘worldly’ pleasures.

At that moment the image of Jesus Christ presented himself as an aura and relayed the message of peace and love to me. My life changed! Ever since then I have received that same message from many persons as they are leaving this earth to be with God.

I always feared getting the message – because of our religious beliefs. The messages always scared me since I was being visited by people as they are leaving their human form and dying. I always took this encounter to mean that I was weird, freaky or ungodly. The SDA religion says that this not of god, so I was not a ‘son of God’ worthy of his love.

So tonite I became present that God had chosen me to give the message to – but most importantly – to relay that message to others.

So I need to share a breakthru with you. Tonite I created the possibility of “Being the One” accountable for delivering God’s message of Love Peace and Fulfilment so the whole world can experience life as One!

I am no longer bound by the fear and vengeful God image that was present to me by my religion. I now know that God is Love. True unconditional Love. Agape love – a love that is overwhelming and over consuming. A Love that takes over and surrounds me completely.

God is love – and all there is, is Love.

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What you resist – persists.

No more roadblocks! I realized what has been stopping me from completing my Descansos project.

The previous post is a story from the Bronx – a memory that popped up. I realize now that in blocking out negative events from my past, I have inadvertently blocked out the positive memories as well.

“What you resist – persists”

So I came to understand that it is this past that kept creeping up on me and I was constantly resisting it. This project has confronted me with my past. I was not going to be the next victim on the side of the road – which is the premise for the Descansos project.

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Roadblock on the Side of the Road

Here I am! I have to make another Wednesday call to my SELP coach. I don’t know what to say to him. I am stuck in my descansos project & he is going to tell me “Not again!” The program started on Dec 3rd and here I am a month later & I am still in the same place. What is my roadblock? What is stopping me from doing my work for this project.

First off I do like my project & I am inspired by it, but it is in my speaking to others that I run into troubles. I seem to be bringing with me sadness & negativity. Typical reaction is “Why would I want to do a SAD project?” “Why don’t you choose another project?”

I am not clear on my direction/intentions for this project & it shows. I am a fraud & it shows! In the Advanced course I distinguished my act that I lived by to be “I can’t do it so leave me alone!” This declaration seems to be back in full force & they see it! But worse of all I am letting it stop me – I cannot do that I need to get past this.

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