Vivid Dreamscapes

Roadblock on the Side of the Road

Here I am! I have to make another Wednesday call to my SELP coach. I don’t know what to say to him. I am stuck in my descansos project & he is going to tell me “Not again!” The program started on Dec 3rd and here I am a month later & I am still in the same place. What is my roadblock? What is stopping me from doing my work for this project.

First off I do like my project & I am inspired by it, but it is in my speaking to others that I run into troubles. I seem to be bringing with me sadness & negativity. Typical reaction is “Why would I want to do a SAD project?” “Why don’t you choose another project?”

I am not clear on my direction/intentions for this project & it shows. I am a fraud & it shows! In the Advanced course I distinguished my act that I lived by to be “I can’t do it so leave me alone!” This declaration seems to be back in full force & they see it! But worse of all I am letting it stop me – I cannot do that I need to get past this.

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