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I learned that he left behind a twin sister, a brother & two griving parents. He liked Arizona Ice Tea (as do I) & he is very much loved by his family. Live flowers indicate that this memorial is being maintained by loved ones.
Somebody takes care of this marker with live flowers. The day I took this picture, the lawn maintenance crew was trimming back some overgrown weeds off the marker. The lawn mowers are buzzing by; the edge trimmers are whipping stubborn, overgrown weeds out of existance and the traffic is whirling by. In the mist of all this noise and urban chaos, I experienced a moment on peace, gratitude & solice.

As everything buzzing by, I see the lawn maintance guy all of a sudden slow his pace down. He put down the weed eater and got down on his kness. He reached and pulled the weeds around this memorial out by hand. One-by-one each weed and overgrown blade of grass was pulled. By the time I went to reach for the camera, the moment passed. He got up, did the sign of the cross over his chest, bowed down and in that instant, the whirlling of the weed cutter started up again.

Life passing by in a blaring instant did not allow me to capture this moment – except in my memory.

That is how life goes by! In the moment we stop to analyze it, it is gone! Life is to short so live every moment as if it was the only that mattered.

From photographing these Descansos, I will capture the moment and I will reflect on what it means to me. I am even thinking of documenting all of this – yuo never know – this could be my thesis for a masters!! Or at the very least a documentary study of roadside memorials in South Florida.

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Descansos :: Anonymous Memorial

Anonymous MemorialANONYMOUS
A stainless steel cross finely crafted and lovingly devoted. Made so that it will never wear away, never fade away…

…like the public memories of the crash.
The edge between light & shadowTHE EDGE
The edge between light and shadow is lovingly marked so that no one can ever forget. The message of love, loss & remembrance is boldly stated for everyone to know that someone crossed over right here.

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What you resist – persists.

No more roadblocks! I realized what has been stopping me from completing my Descansos project.

The previous post is a story from the Bronx – a memory that popped up. I realize now that in blocking out negative events from my past, I have inadvertently blocked out the positive memories as well.

“What you resist – persists”

So I came to understand that it is this past that kept creeping up on me and I was constantly resisting it. This project has confronted me with my past. I was not going to be the next victim on the side of the road – which is the premise for the Descansos project.

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Roadblock on the Side of the Road

Here I am! I have to make another Wednesday call to my SELP coach. I don’t know what to say to him. I am stuck in my descansos project & he is going to tell me “Not again!” The program started on Dec 3rd and here I am a month later & I am still in the same place. What is my roadblock? What is stopping me from doing my work for this project.

First off I do like my project & I am inspired by it, but it is in my speaking to others that I run into troubles. I seem to be bringing with me sadness & negativity. Typical reaction is “Why would I want to do a SAD project?” “Why don’t you choose another project?”

I am not clear on my direction/intentions for this project & it shows. I am a fraud & it shows! In the Advanced course I distinguished my act that I lived by to be “I can’t do it so leave me alone!” This declaration seems to be back in full force & they see it! But worse of all I am letting it stop me – I cannot do that I need to get past this.

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Approaching the Gateway

I don’t want to put thoughts into your mind. Yes, the realist in me would say that this is just camera failure – leave it at that. But why now? Why for images of the descansos?

Sorry can’t help myself – what are these people doing in the middle of the road!? This image looks like white lighters are waiting for me at the gateway. Welcoming me to another world.

Just look at the larger image I you will see what I mean.

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