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With the window now opened…

With the window now opened
I stand here exposed.
Who am I
Who do I perceive me to be.

Becoming aware that you are there.
I hurry outside to the sunlit street.
So as not to be the focus of your gaze.

I walk down to the playground to
blend in – to disappear – to forget.

My mind rehashes the day’s events…
Can my mother be right? Or is it
my younger sister who is right?
Or could it be that my older sister
deserves the Right to be right.

Where does the truth lie?
On what side of my pristine, white
picket fence shall I stand?
Who should I talk to
to show them the way?

As I walk the streets of my life,
I reach an intersection.
Strong crosswinds catch me off guard.
Disoriented, I spin to keep my balance again
Or… maybe for the first time.
I’m trying to stay in control & not let
the situation control me.

I take a breather
& escape into a Blockbuster.
In the background I hear Al Pacino’s quote
“Every time I try to get out,
they pulling me back in!”

Should I walk away from this??
But what if I don’t fix things?
will my sisters still love each other?
Will they still be there for me
when the sun sets in the west?

Now at the playground, I see myself
hanging on to the spinning wheel game.
I spin & spin looking at the sun
whirling around – loosing my ground.
Afraid to let go, I hang for dear life
afraid of what could happen
if I do let go.

I hear Pacino over & over again
Ringing in my head.
I can no longer remain the “fix-it-man”
I need to stop this wheel
so I can let go.

I need to let my family
be what it needs to be.

A position of power. A point of strength
A clearing required for my rebirth.

A memory that strikes me when writing this, was when my parents divorced.
I felt abandoned. I felt lost. I realize now that the character I have allowed to control my life is the “fix-it-man.”
I’ve been doing this because I was afraid that if I stopped trying to make things right – I would lose my mother & sisters as well. I know that this is just a perception, but one that has been controlling my life.

What I visualized was the day I am at my deathbed. Which sister would be there by my side & which one would stay away just to avoid the other. It’s funny, we see it all the time in sitcoms & in tv dramas. Brothers and sisters who have not spoken to each other in many, many years – all because one said something the other did not agree with. This is not funny nor dramatic – it is sad. I have seem many old men & women, in the nursing homes, die all alone just because of this issue.

No! it is not acceptable! I hereby take a stand for powerful listening, love and family.

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A Simple Touch…

Long gone are the days
when a simple caress
spoke louder than words.
And the warm response naked celebrities that came
said more than words can say.

A simple touch
has meaning and warmth,
has human feelings attached
to its fingertips

A simple touch
when not found
can leave emptyness
in its path.

A simple touch
speaks from the heart
A simple caress
speaks louder than words

Long gone are the days
when the words of a
simple touch
could be heard, again.

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One Hundred Years

Even if it takes one hundred years
I will never understand why
someone has to suffer
as much as Angel does.

All he wanted was
to be left alone.

I will never understand why
Mercy had to go thru all this pain.
All she ever wanted was
to make her parents happy

It’s amazing what we have accomplished
in one hundred years.

Planes, trains and automobiles.
Man on the moon and a rover on Mars.
Found life from outer space and even
debated the existence of God.

But does it really take
one hundred years to
improve quality of life?

Many souls suffer and die alone
Nursing homes full of –
forgotten people.
Families too busy to worry,
too busy to care.
Doctors find it easier
to let them go –
easier than to care for them.

I don’t think I can understand that,
even if it takes one hundred years.

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Next Spring – Again

Do not cry for me
on these last days of winter.
For spring is around the corner
and a new day will come.
Soon the sun will rise
and will sit proud in the sky.
Days will be long and
full of life!

Happy and joyful will be my days
seeing old friends, all over again
so please make winter end
and just let spring –
begin again.

This life has been good
and full of joy,
but the cycle of life
comes for us all

Winter, spring, summer and fall
“It is good” said God to us all,
so, see you around,
my little child,
see you around –
next spring again.

Angel, in Hospice
gets tender care.
His body – frail
and weak again –
sets like the sun in a slow descend.
Little by little his winter ends.

Please God, help Angel –
see spring

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Rejoice for a brand new life is granted you.

(Original Date :June 5, 1997)

Rejoice for you are granted this beautiful gift from God.
Protect this baby with all your will and
love him with all your heart
for God has entrusted you with the greatest gift he can give…
The gift of life.

A brand new life, a brand new soul
A brand new gift to make us whole.

A gift to cherish, a gift to protect
from all the evil and injustice on this earth.

God has loaned you a new life and it is up to you to ensure
that this beautiful new baby is well prepared for his journey
in life, a journey to fulfill God’s plan.

I had this dream several months before my son was born.

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