One Hundred Years

Even if it takes one hundred years
I will never understand why
someone has to suffer
as much as Angel does.

All he wanted was
to be left alone.

I will never understand why
Mercy had to go thru all this pain.
All she ever wanted was
to make her parents happy

It’s amazing what we have accomplished
in one hundred years.

Planes, trains and automobiles.
Man on the moon and a rover on Mars.
Found life from outer space and even
debated the existence of God.

But does it really take
one hundred years to
improve quality of life?

Many souls suffer and die alone
Nursing homes full of –
forgotten people.
Families too busy to worry,
too busy to care.
Doctors find it easier
to let them go –
easier than to care for them.

I don’t think I can understand that,
even if it takes one hundred years.

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