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Manchester Craftsman Guild High School

You must be prepared to act on your dreams…

just in case they do come true.”

– Bill Strickland

“Its all in the way

you think about

people that often

determines their



This is truly an inspiring video! I have to change the way I see people in order for their behaviour to change. It is all in who I am being that defines who people are for me.

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Connection to the Divine

True test of being human is just Being.

Human existence w/needs, concerns & desires while still choosing to be connected to the Divine.

So what do I mean by Being? So consider for a moment that at every moment we choose to BE who we say we are. So here’s an example of what happened today. Life is not working the way that I want it to right now. The economy is slow & business has dropped of significantly. Bill are adding up & employees need to be paid.

I have a choice of who I am going to be in this circumstance. I can be angry and blame the whole thing on a bad economy. Upset that there is nothing I can do about it. This is perfectly fine and many people would agree with me, but at the end of the day I would be angry, upset, a victim of my circumstances and nothing has happened to improve the situation.


I can choose to be peaceful, in action to change my circumstances, and connected to the power of the Divine (God, source, the universe – call it what you will).

The first option gives me an upset stomach, a nervous twitch & anxiety attacks, all the while feeling disempowered. The second option gives me peace, power and the complete feeling that everything will be alright. No upset stomach & my cardiogram still shows normal.

I choose to BE who I say I am. I get to live another day at peace with my circumstances (I didn’t say ignore my responsibilities) but knowing that I am not a victim to them and the money to pay the bills just gets generated.

So who do you choose to BE?

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Pathways to Mastery

I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer being interviewed by Michael Toms of New
Dimensions. The thing that interested me the most is the 4 pathways to mastery which are Discipline, Wisdom, Unconditional Love and Surrender.

As he explains it, traditional education only involves the first two, Discipline & Wisdom. To reach mastery requires to reach beyond “Knowing & Doing” into the realm of “Being.” I was surprised to hear that reaching the level of mastery involves surrendering. Surrendering myself to accepting that I am one with the universe and one with all.

When Dr. Dyer quotes Michelangelo’s famous quote, it makes perfect sense

“David was already in there I just chipped away the excess.”

So to relate this to my life. When I’m designing & I have an urgency or ‘need’ to get the design done nothing happens. I just can’t do it – I could be sitting there for hours and the design just does not flow.

But when I ‘let go’ of the need – I put loud music and just let my hand sketch away & not force an outcome – The ideas flows and the design just comes out. Surrendering to what is inside of me and letting it flow out is what I am getting from Dr. Dyer’s words.

Not forcing it out but just letting it be what it needs to be.

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Everything & Nothing!

Lots of stuff going on in my life. I find myself just swirling in the fog. I am traveling thru unknown roads, once in a while getting off at the wrong exit in life. And even though I have to find my way back onto the path intended, sometimes it feels that I am not getting anywhere. That is until I saw this video!

Very inspiring and uplifting video!. Its called “My stroke of insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor.


Every road traveled in life is a choice – every moment I have the choice of how my day will go. I can choose to be down and blame my circumstances OR I can choose to live my life empowered.

So I choosing an enpowering life. Accepting it how it is and how it is not.

Which choice are you going to make?

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The Legacy of Peace & Unity

I would like to share with you what I’ve been feeling now that my mother has passed away. I have had the story that I need to be ‘strong’ for my family. It’s been many years that I have not allowed myself to freely show fear, joy, anger, excitement, disappointment, grief – forget being vulnerable! I’ve dealt with a lot of death in the recent years and I ‘had’ to be strong. I do not let anyone know that I am fearful of death & that I’m afraid that one day you too will leave me.

When Pipo & Mima died I ‘had’ to be strong for my wife & son. Mima was ill for many years with Alzheimer’s. She no longer knew who her family was. She did not know that she had a daughter, a son-in-law & grandson. I remember the day my wife asked her “I am your daughter, do you remember me?” and Mima replied “I don’t have a daughter!” She cried for days! I tried to protect my son from that. What would it feel like for him to hear that she has no clue of who he is. He can’t comprehend what is happening to her. I don’t know why I did not cry at her funeral – maybe to protect him or actually to protect me from feeling that pain.

When Pipo died, I promised Pipo that I would take care of my family. I promised him that I would not let anything happen to them. The seven months we took care of Pipo in our home, I protected my son from Pipo’s hollers of pain. I would create distractions so that he would not have to ‘deal’ with that & looking back – so that I can escape that pain.

Now fast forward to today. Again I pretended that I would be alright. My ‘strong suit’ really has me believing that I can deal with the death of mom. All this time I have been ‘strong’ & I can deal with death. BUT really I was pretending that I am OK. All this time I have been hiding the fact that I am afraid, feel vulnerable & alone. I kept myself busy so that I would not have to see mom wither away like a wilted rose. How that leaves me feeling is closed off from my own feelings.

So when I interact with friends and family, I am really hiding out. Hiding my feelings. I did not want to get too close because you too will leave me & I am going to hurt all over again! I would not tell you about my life, because of the fear that you may find me out or you may judge me. I get the feeling that I leave them in a funk trying to deal with my disconnect. For that I apologize.

So what you can count on from me is that I will be free to express my feelings, will no longer pretend to be strong & will be present to your (& my own) greatness. I promise to be there to hear you and to listen without judgement; I promise that I will be with you when you need me; I promise I will be free to be me.

What I ask of you is that when I leave you in a funk, that you stop and ask me “what just happened?” I know that these promises are big & I may falter sometimes. I ask that you not judge it, but stretch out a hand and help me up. I will not always get it right, but know that I will try.

Tomorrow is mom’s funeral service & I do not have to be ‘strong’ anymore. I do not need to pretend that I have it all together. I will be free to be me and free to be with you.

God has blessed our family with a great mother, but even more so with the legacy she created – a united family.

I love you all.

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