Connection to the Divine

True test of being human is just Being.

Human existence w/needs, concerns & desires while still choosing to be connected to the Divine.

So what do I mean by Being? So consider for a moment that at every moment we choose to BE who we say we are. So here’s an example of what happened today. Life is not working the way that I want it to right now. The economy is slow & business has dropped of significantly. Bill are adding up & employees need to be paid.

I have a choice of who I am going to be in this circumstance. I can be angry and blame the whole thing on a bad economy. Upset that there is nothing I can do about it. This is perfectly fine and many people would agree with me, but at the end of the day I would be angry, upset, a victim of my circumstances and nothing has happened to improve the situation.


I can choose to be peaceful, in action to change my circumstances, and connected to the power of the Divine (God, source, the universe – call it what you will).

The first option gives me an upset stomach, a nervous twitch & anxiety attacks, all the while feeling disempowered. The second option gives me peace, power and the complete feeling that everything will be alright. No upset stomach & my cardiogram still shows normal.

I choose to BE who I say I am. I get to live another day at peace with my circumstances (I didn’t say ignore my responsibilities) but knowing that I am not a victim to them and the money to pay the bills just gets generated.

So who do you choose to BE?

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