Deja Vu

Here is another Deja Vu dream. About a month ago I had a dream that I was standing in this front yard under a very large tree. This tree has many long thick branches and the root system was on the surface. The root system is very extensive and intercrossing across the floor. I see myself walking over the large roots to reach a hammock that is spanning several large branches.

At the time this dream had no meaning or significance, since I did not know where it was. I have never seen this place before or since – until just the other day! My sister and her husband bought a new house. I was helping them move in – this was my first time seen the house. After we were done we sat down in the yard to eat lunch and – poof there was the hammock hanging from the very same tree I had seen in my dream weeks before.

Very strange!

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A more recent Visitation

My father-in-law passed away in March. He lived with us before his passing. I was not expecting to get a visitation from him, but while sitting at my desk on the laptop he showed up. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow peeking around the corner. When I looked up the shadow moves away. He showed up on several other occasions – each time like a quick glimpse of light. Each time the feeling was of peace & tranquility.

Then I started to feel that he was worried – and I get a feeling for what concerns him. I whisper to him ” don’t worry – I will take care of your daughter & grandson.”

Since then I have not seen his shadow peeking around the corner anymore.

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Alien Invasion

There are several dream types that keep recurring. One of them is the alien invasion dream. It always starts off the same way – a still dark night (no moon) the stars are bright in the sky, when all of a sudden the truth is revealed the stars are not what they seem to be.

Again, the sky is dark and things become very still. Almost eerie! I look up to see some very bright stars flickering. Then I notice that they are moving. Not like stars, but like something else. The air get cool – a cold chill runs thru my bones. At this moment all the stars start moving and flying around. They seem to be dropping towards the earth. The sky is now littered with thousand of alien ships. All start attacking and mayhem is everywhere. Fighters, transport ships and smaller more nimble attack ships. Laser beams criss cross the sky and a full fledge air battle ensues.

On the ground our troops are racing across the field, but to no avail – tanks, personnel carriers, even ground-to-air missile launchers are all blasted into oblivion. In the sky our fighter planes are destined for more of the same. They are being blasted out of the sky! Fighter pilot parachuting out of their planes are being picked off like those helpless plastic duck lined up at the Coney island shooting gallery. Poor guys, everybody is dying -falling like flies. Life terminated even before they hit the ground.

The sky is blood red – splattered with our hopes of being saved. What a massacre!

For Jung the UFO symbology has to do with the ending of a period in history and the start of a new one. The ‘metamorphosis of the gods.’ Even according to the 2012 theorists we are at the end of the Mayan calendar & start of a new age. What life-changing transitions are occurring in my life??

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A Simple Touch…

Long gone are the days
when a simple caress
spoke louder than words.
And the warm response that came
said more than words can say.

A simple touch
has meaning and warmth,
has human feelings attached
to its fingertips

A simple touch
when not found
can leave emptyness
in its path.

A simple touch
speaks from the heart
A simple caress
speaks louder than words

Long gone are the days
when the words of a
simple touch
could be heard, again.

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One Hundred Years

Even if it takes one hundred years
I will never understand why
someone has to suffer
as much as Angel does.

All he wanted was
to be left alone.

I will never understand why
Mercy had to go thru all this pain.
All she ever wanted was
to make her parents happy

It’s amazing what we have accomplished
in one hundred years.

Planes, trains and automobiles.
Man on the moon and a rover on Mars.
Found life from outer space and even
debated the existence of God.

But does it really take
one hundred years to
improve quality of life?

Many souls suffer and die alone
Nursing homes full of –
forgotten people.
Families too busy to worry,
too busy to care.
Doctors find it easier
to let them go –
easier than to care for them.

I don’t think I can understand that,
even if it takes one hundred years.

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Vivid dreams that intrigue – or – just torment. Written thoughts that open doors & open minds, allowing me to see the truth hiding in the shadows. "A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read." — The Talmud