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Thought of the Day – May 22, 2008

Today, like every other day,
We wake up empty and frightened.
Don’t open the door to the study
And start reading.
Take down the dulcimer.
Let the beauty we love
Be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways
To kneel and kiss the ground.
– Rumi 13th Century Sufi Poet

What I am getting from this poem is to live what I love and pursue my authentic path. Don’t die, as Wayne Dyer says… “with your music still in you.” Express yourself authentically not only in what you do, but in what you say and in who you ARE. Let your essence shine thru and BE who you were meant to be.

I get that this is easier said then done. Circumstances, negative people & the daily grind of life keeps me in the “study” away from life, in my head. But allowing my authentic self to be expressed provides more joy in life for me then staying in my head. Every day – damn – every moment I have this choice.

And I get to choose what that moment will be like.

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Pathways to Mastery

I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer being interviewed by Michael Toms of New
Dimensions. The thing that interested me the most is the 4 pathways to mastery which are Discipline, Wisdom, Unconditional Love and Surrender.

As he explains it, traditional education only involves the first two, Discipline & Wisdom. To reach mastery requires to reach beyond “Knowing & Doing” into the realm of “Being.” I was surprised to hear that reaching the level of mastery involves surrendering. Surrendering myself to accepting that I am one with the universe and one with all.

When Dr. Dyer quotes Michelangelo’s famous quote, it makes perfect sense

“David was already in there I just chipped away the excess.”

So to relate this to my life. When I’m designing & I have an urgency or ‘need’ to get the design done nothing happens. I just can’t do it – I could be sitting there for hours and the design just does not flow.

But when I ‘let go’ of the need – I put loud music and just let my hand sketch away & not force an outcome – The ideas flows and the design just comes out. Surrendering to what is inside of me and letting it flow out is what I am getting from Dr. Dyer’s words.

Not forcing it out but just letting it be what it needs to be.

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Thought, Word & Action

“Thoughts are like magnets drawing effects to you…”
Conversations With God – Neale Donald Walsch
(pages 188-189)

It’s truly amazing how our thoughts can be made real just by our intention.
Consider this : First you think a thought, then you state that thought and solely by expressing it you have made it real! It is out there so it realy does exist – now you have to live it!

Just yesterday, my brother-in-law & I were driving back from Orlando (We took our family there to get away from the after effects of Wilma). He was making phone calls to see if electric was back at his house (my house had it back). After driving for 3 hours, he was not getting the answer he wanted. I told him he can stay with me until he gets it back, but that did not satisfy him. He looks at me and says “I create the possibility that I will have electricity when I get home!” He said it emphatically & with such clear intention. I blew it off as wishful thinking, when no more than 10 minutes had gone by & he gets a call from his neighbor saying – “the power just came back!” Now call this pure luck or coincidences, but I do’nt know if that is all there is to it.

Here’s another example of why. A client was withholding paying me $18K for services provided. Now months have passed & I tried letters, follow up calls & even nasty calls from “my lawyer” nothing was getting him to pay. He would call me to do more work & my withholding doing more work for him did nothing, but get him pissed off. I tried everything. I was totally fustrated, since he is no longer returning phone calls, & saw suing him the only option. Then I thought – “I will will him to pay me!” Funny ha! Will him to pay, but sure enough! Within 1/2 hr I get a call from him. I firmly tell him that he is not getting anything until we resolve the outstanding matter & that I need a check in hand – this afternoon. By the end of day the check was in my hand.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says

view intention – not as something you do – but as an energy you’re a part of.”

Whatever you call it, luck; coincidence; wishful thinking; I choose to see it as intending my reality. This way I have 100% responsibility of the outcome. This is exciting & empowering since nothing ‘just happens’ to us but we have the ability to define an outcome. If I want a positive result I just intend it to be positive & as this theory goes – it will become a positive effect. So now I intend to be it.

Think it -Believe it – Live it!

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