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Manchester Craftsman Guild High School

You must be prepared to act on your dreams…

just in case they do come true.”

– Bill Strickland

“Its all in the way

you think about

people that often

determines their



This is truly an inspiring video! I have to change the way I see people in order for their behaviour to change. It is all in who I am being that defines who people are for me.

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Pathways to Mastery

I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer being interviewed by Michael Toms of New
Dimensions. The thing that interested me the most is the 4 pathways to mastery which are Discipline, Wisdom, Unconditional Love and Surrender.

As he explains it, traditional education only involves the first two, Discipline & Wisdom. To reach mastery requires to reach beyond “Knowing & Doing” into the realm of “Being.” I was surprised to hear that reaching the level of mastery involves surrendering. Surrendering myself to accepting that I am one with the universe and one with all.

When Dr. Dyer quotes Michelangelo’s famous quote, it makes perfect sense

“David was already in there I just chipped away the excess.”

So to relate this to my life. When I’m designing & I have an urgency or ‘need’ to get the design done nothing happens. I just can’t do it – I could be sitting there for hours and the design just does not flow.

But when I ‘let go’ of the need – I put loud music and just let my hand sketch away & not force an outcome – The ideas flows and the design just comes out. Surrendering to what is inside of me and letting it flow out is what I am getting from Dr. Dyer’s words.

Not forcing it out but just letting it be what it needs to be.

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