Who I Am Makes a Difference

I may not say it often & I may not let you know it…
but who YOU are makes a difference.

You contribute to my life in ways that are unmeasurable & I have not acknowledged you for it…

But I want you to know that it did not go unnoticed.

So I invited you here today for several reasons :
1. To share with you this video and hope that it inspires you to pay it forward.
2. To say thank you for who you are for me and to let you know that you DO make a difference in my life.
3. To allow you into my life & so that you may know who I am.

I do not often share my thoughts or feelings. I keep them to myself and people are often surprised when I do share. “I didn’t know that about you…” is often the reply. So I invite you to browse thru my thoughts & feelings as they are expressed here.

Thank you for who you are & the way that you help shape my life.

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