What is Your Life About?

What is it that I want in my life? All these years I have been striving for financial well being. Building up properties so that I can have a nice nest egg for my family’s future. Now that the economy took a dive, it smashed that nest egg and turned it into scrambled eggs.

So this video asks a poignant question “what is YOUR life about?”

Is it really about bigger bank accounts… while obtaining less fulfillment.
Maybe a larger nest egg to retire with… while taking time away from the family.
How about more options… while having less patience to deal with them.
Even technology promised to make life better by eliminating the drudgery. But what did it give us – less human touch.

So what is My life about?

You may say that the most important resource in life is more time or more money. But all that can be taken away or even be viewed as not enough.

So what do we really live for?

How about a life of love? Giving it, taking it, enjoying it, BEING it!!!

Without it we can have every THING we want, but life means nothing.

So what is Your life about???

I can have any THING and every THING, so what choices do I make? With the economy the way it is, we can easily get stuck in our head about the choices we have made in our lives. Waiting for the right moment for life to get better; or the right job to make our lives better; Should I have brought that property?; or what is it going to take to make me really happy.

Well all this time “right in front of you is a living expression of Divinity. Take a look!!!!”

“When you dare open up your heart and love, you are free. This is living in Divinity.” So the real question “is there really anything else to do?”

Except Live a life of Love….

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