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Remembering 9-11 From a Different Perspective

Nine years gone and the scars of 9-11 still show. No one event in history has altered our reality; our country; our consciousness and our spirituality as much as September 11,2001.

From that moment forward I knew life would be different.

In a moment, I experienced destruction and the end of something – a void.

I experienced grief and dread in the same gasp for air I hoped would fill my frozen lungs. My heart beats with fear and with hope in the same beat.

I didn’t know what to do or what to feel. I was like a living-dead zombie, anxious with the remote in my hand, but too frozen & numb to click any button. The lights of the TV brought me back to life when I would see somebody dragged out from that blinding cloud of destruction. And it dropped me back into my stupor when the second building fell.

I felt lost at the same moment I was thanking God for that blinding cloud that kept me from seen what I knew was inevitable.

That day I experienced the hatred & malice we humans are capable of – that hollow emptiness that sits in the pit of my stomach. But I also experienced the love, compassion and enduring nature that we human have within our magnificent souls.

I know there have been more horrific event in the past, however, never have we seen the whole world share the same grief of one event – all at that same moment on that same day. Never have we seen the whole world change in a blink of an eye.

We all experienced it with the world. That synchronicity, that oneness that we all are capable of – but that we all fear to explore.

In that moment we all forgot that fear and we were all one! In England they experienced that moment in the mid of their day; we in the East Coast started our day with it; while in California they were just getting present to that oneness as they slept.

With the destruction, that day brought forth change and an end to complacency. We were all forced to change directions. We were forced to look at the direction in which we were heading – that downward spiral motion that the negative forces were taking us.

These forces push the envelope to cause mass panic and fear; they play each one of us against the other; they turn friends into foe. They dug out the deepest, darkest shadows from within each one of us.

They almost won – and we didn’t even notice.

But instead something else occurred on that fateful day.

Early that morning I got a call from one of my sister’s to say that she’s OK!. See she was due to be downtown, near the WTC, for a 9:30am meeting. Just to hear her voice provided a sense of peace & that in spite of all the destruction, everything was going to be alright.

So throughout the day I focuses on the good that we are capable of. I saw a man, still carrying his briefcase, coming out of the blinding cloud. His face blood-soaked and his whole body covered in ashes. A lady runs up to him, wipes his face with a wet, comforting cloth of compassion & helps him sit on the curb.

I saw cars lining up at the corner, not waiting to turn once the light chooses to change, but waiting for their opportunity to contribute some coins into the fireman’s boot. The children in the backseats saluting these brave men, who for me represented all firemen, policemen & people of service who gave their lives in this tragic event.

I found myself pulling over to the curb so that I can give that homeless guy a buck – what the heck – two bucks! And the car behind me never honked.

We were all shocked with the horrors of the day, but that did not stop the show of love and support we all felt – it enhanced it! Terror was NOT the victor, Love was! The whole world took a stand against evil – we shifted the consciousness forever!

Now on this day of remembrance I invite you to have Love present and continue to spread that triumphant moment.

We caused a shift in our humanity and we have caused an alignment with the higher ability of Love. We have shown a moment of whole & perfect Love and have therefore asked God to enter and give the world a new meaning.

Change is on its way!

You may say that evil still persists, and is even stronger now! That the feel-good moment of love and support have gone by the wayside since 911, but I say that our cries for hope and love have not fallen on deaf ears with God.

Now – this very moment – we are already at a higher level of conscienceless and awareness then we were then! Our Love is stronger and by releasing this level of Love you have, out into the world – well the world will never be the same!

“The Twin Towers represents the dual identity of man. One is physical and the other is spiritual. Both had to be destroyed so that a new idea or new creation could arise from the ashes. This is the symbolic rising of the Pheonix. The new interpretation will join the physical experience with the spiritual expression, and they will ultimately live side by side in peace.” — Rev. Cheril Goodrich

I offer up Love, Peace, Freedom, Forgiveness & Compassion as my way to BE & as what I am creating in this new world.

How can you cause Love to be real in this world?

  • Love each & every one of your brothers & sisters and forgive them for what they have done. Start a new relationship with them.
  • Hug your nieces & nephews that you haven’t seen in a long while. Sure they don’t call you or even remember your birthday, but so what! Love them anyway…
  • Random acts of kindness (Sept. 11 anniversary marked by Acts of Kindness weekend)
  • Look and see, In memory of 9/11, how you can make a difference!
  • Giving money to your favorite charity is nice, but physically doing something for someone you know that is in need is much better.
  • Lastly – give your love and kindness to everyone around you. Leave them in a better place (spiritually/ emotionally) then when you found them.
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A Change in Everyday Conversations

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a change in the typical everyday conversation friends are having with me. Friend’s attitutes have been changing, yes the economy has something to do with that, but people are talking differently.

A few years back conversations I was a part of or hear, people mostly talked about the things they have – a new IPod, Blackberry, Iphone, new car, new house, new projects, etc. Then over the last year mostly it has been negative conversations about how bad the economy is. People were fearful of losing their things and money – rightfully so! I am one of them, so don’t think I’m critisizing, just commenting on what Im seeing.

Then in the last few months I saw a big shift! I’m hearing a different type of conversation. People are sharing of how they are dealing with the economy. One friend said:

“We are not going out as much as we used to. On the weekends, the kids used to go to the movies with their friends. My husband & I used to go out to dinner or the theater. Now we are staying home and playing board games.”

Another friend shared of how life has changed for him.

“I used to go out and hang out with the guys. The kids used to do sleepovers. Now I am spending more time with the kids at home. We are actually having a sit down dinner every nights & I’m having conversatiosn with the kids.”

Sure these are all responds to the circumstances of how the economy is affecting everyone, but the underlying commitment I’m hearing is of simplicity. People are going back to the simple things in life. Another friend shared:

“We are loosing everything we’ve had. The bank wants to reposses my car and I’ve had to sell my jewelry to pay the bills. But you know what I am happier now they I used to be with all that stuff. We always worried if the stuff would be stolen, If I had the same car my neighbor had. Now all that I am concerned with is the well being of my husband & the kids.”

Wow! I’ve only been focasing on the bad side of this economic downturn, but there is always something good, or something to get out of any failure. I am getting that it is an adjustment where we can go back to what is really of value in our lives – the people around us!

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What is Your Life About?

What is it that I want in my life? All these years I have been striving for financial well being. Building up properties so that I can have a nice nest egg for my family’s future. Now that the economy took a dive, it smashed that nest egg and turned it into scrambled eggs.

So this video asks a poignant question “what is YOUR life about?”

Is it really about bigger bank accounts… while obtaining less fulfillment.
Maybe a larger nest egg to retire with… while taking time away from the family.
How about more options… while having less patience to deal with them.
Even technology promised to make life better by eliminating the drudgery. But what did it give us – less human touch.

So what is My life about?

You may say that the most important resource in life is more time or more money. But all that can be taken away or even be viewed as not enough.

So what do we really live for?

How about a life of love? Giving it, taking it, enjoying it, BEING it!!!

Without it we can have every THING we want, but life means nothing.

So what is Your life about???

I can have any THING and every THING, so what choices do I make? With the economy the way it is, we can easily get stuck in our head about the choices we have made in our lives. Waiting for the right moment for life to get better; or the right job to make our lives better; Should I have brought that property?; or what is it going to take to make me really happy.

Well all this time “right in front of you is a living expression of Divinity. Take a look!!!!”

“When you dare open up your heart and love, you are free. This is living in Divinity.” So the real question “is there really anything else to do?”

Except Live a life of Love….

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Knowing What My Wife Responds to

I finally got it thru my thick skull learned what it is that my wife likes and needs when it comes to Love. I learned that all she wants is to be told that she is loved.

That’s it!!! I don’t know why this works. She already knows that I love her, so why do I have to repeat it over & over again! say it. But ‘saying’ the actual words is what made all the difference for her.

Once I started telling her how much I love her, her reactions to me became different. The way that I discovered this secret is that while cleaning the house, I ran into a workbook she had from a seminar called The Five Love Language. See one day a long while back she dragged me out invited me to seminar. In this seminar I fell asleep learned that each of us have a language we use to express, but more importantly receive love. I have forgotten about it until now.

Here is an excerpt from the Five Love Languages website:

1. Words of Affirmation : Mark Twain once said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” More»

2. Quality Time : Quality time is more than mere proximity. It’s about focusing all your energy on your mate. More»

3. Receiving Gifts : Some mates respond well to visual symbols of love. More»

4. Acts of Service Sometimes simple chores around the house can be an undeniable expression of love. More»

5. Physical Touch : Many mates feel the most loved when they receive physical contact from their partner. More»

The Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman.

The Five love Languages are how we express love for one another. We may express love using all five, but only two or three actually make us FEEL loved. We need to be loved and are inclined to respond to those specific languages. So to learn what it is that my wife is receptive to is the key to understanding her. If I speak her language, she can actually respond to me.

See in the past I used to caress her. Hold her hand, put my arm on her shoulder, etc. People used to comment on how ‘touchy’ we were. When I’m standing next to her, I put my hand in the small of her back. When were sleeping I would cuddle with her. This did not make a difference. There were times that she would even complain that my arm is “too heavy” and ask me to back off. So the “Physical Touch’ language was not what she wanted.

I even tried putting aside time, in the evenings, to spend with her. I would sit next to her and cringe thru watch her “novelas” (Spanish soaps). This did nothing. She would fall asleep and leave me to watch the novelas alone.

I would bring flowers home for her & she would say “that’s nice” and a lot of times it actually made a difference for her. But it really did not hit the spot. Sometimes she would just pickup where the argument left off.

I even reverted to doing the chores around the house. This made matters worse. The way she took this to mean was that I did not think she was doing a ‘good enough’ job. Psycho Crazy I know, but “Acts of Service” were definitely not the language that she needed.

I realized that my actions did not make a difference because these were all things that I valued as a way to express love. See I need physical affection to feel loved, so I thought that would be what she needs. I don’t need my wife telling me that she loves me. This is bizarre! So why would I do that.

So the reason for doing it is simple! It is what she needs and craves. So in order to ‘communicate’ with her and make her feel loved, I need to speak her language. This may not be easy because as Kerry at His Help Meet puts it – this “does not come naturally to me.” I need to make a conscious effort in order to communicate this way.

But it is definitely worth the effort in order to keep our relationship fulfilling for the both of us.

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