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Welcome to Another Day at the Point!

Pablo Solis Another Day at the Point is really my journal of the memories - as I remember my life - of a young boy surviving the urban jungle of the South Bronx.

We lived in the South Bronx from 1973 to 1975. Living in a stereotyped Fort Apache, surrounded by burnt out buildings and the Savage Skulls sure was inpactful times. I am writing to get these moments out of my system and to share the experiences. But mostly to recover memories lost, blocked, or just forgotten... and to finally be free of them.

As memories go, some are right-on; others are sprinkled with the seasoning of time; some have dressing to spice up the scenery; but drink it all in with a cup of skewed sense of humor! Either way they are all my real life and are the memories that have made me who I am today - whether I like it or not...

So come for a ride with me to the Boogie-down Bronx

Hi, I am Pablo Solis. A designer, amateur photographer, artist and an avid writer. Please feel free to Contact Me!

Oh hell! It's hump day. Enjoy it for what it is

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