So it Begins….

“No ma’am, go ahead. I’ll wait for the next teller…” I nervously tell the lady behind me in the line.

Then, almost instantly thereafter, the next teller frees up & her customer walks away. “What do I do?”

I hesitated for a minute & the man behind me taps me on the shoulder. “son, the next teller is free! go on…” he urges me to not hold up the line.

“Sir, you can go ahead, I’m waiting for a specific teller.” I reply nervously because I just realized that the other tellers heard as well and now they are coyly teasing her.

It’s been a month of Saturdays doing this, and apparently everybody has noticed – today it became very obvious. I guess I better ask her out today & not let this opportunity go by.

There, her customer finally completes & leaves her counter!

“Hi Ann Marie, great to see you again…” Funny, I practice my line to perfection & now that I am face-to-face with her, this is what comes out!

“I’m great Pablo” she replies “what can I do for you today?”

“I just need to deposit my check…” I reply with a lame, truthful reason. I should have said one of my ‘exciting’ reasons that I have practiced over & over again in my head.

We engage in small talk for a bit & then I get my nerve to get a little more personal.

“How long have you being working here?” I ask nervously

“uh, about six months…” she replied and grins a nice smile.

“You have a pretty smile…” I said so nonchalant, not really paying attention that I said what my heart wanted me to say. She turns red, bows her head smiling even bigger, and then she looked away nervously.

“Ah! there’s my signal!” I shout silently in my head. “…and so it begins.”

She is playing along & didn’t reject me! This is good… She is even flipping her hair! She looks at her co-worker & they both giggle. She looks down again & then looks up at me with her big, beautiful smile.

Her shy smile reminds me of Kristy McNichol in the TV show, Family. Grinning ear-to-ear with a slight tilt down of the head, but with her deep, brown eyes making full contact with mine.

I used to have a crush on Meredith Baxter, from that TV show. She has long, flowing blond hair – that is until I met Ann Marie. Her smile is just so warm and kind. Behind the counter & the safety glass all I can really see is her chestnut brown hair with the flipped ends. It frames her oval face so nicely.

Ann Marie seems very soft, sweet & sexy looking. Her nails are perfectly manicured & have that ‘French’ white line on the tips. The money she hands to me even has the feminine scent of her perfume.

“What else can I do for you?” she says, interrupting my moment of daydreaming.

Oh boy! I’m about to end our transaction, and I don’t know what to say…

“Yeah… I was wondering what you are doing next Saturday evening? I thought we could maybe catch a dinner & a movie?”

“A dinner & a movie? Really, how creative of you!” my small voice chastises me… She is slow in replying, so I start to drift into listening to my little voice. “I bet she is going to shoot you down!” that voice volunteers again.

She looks up from her counter & then hands me a deposit receipt. “here is my number, call me & yes, we can go out next Saturday…”

“Wow! she said yes!!!” I shout it out really loud & jump all over the place – all in my head.

“Can’t wait!” is all she said & again flashed that sexy smile at me as I walked away from her counter. I walk out of the bank with the biggest smile I have ever had.

“I cant wait for next week!”

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