The Wild Things…

Today, I decided to go to the library after school. It’s been over two weeks that I’ve been there and I’m dying to get a book called “Where the Wild Things Are.”

It is a story of a kid who is not understood at home and runs off to a land where he is king of his kind – the “Wild Things.”

There’s nobody home anyway so what’s the use of hurrying home to be alone.

I walk down 156th Street on my usual path and normally I don’t run into any trouble, but today is different. A few blocks from the school, past Prospect Ave, there’s a store where I usually stop to get some candy. The owner is really nice. He talks with me not to me. Always concerned for me being alone.

“Do your parents know that you are out here alone?” he questions me.
“Sure they know. They let me go to the library.” I reply, with my tough guy voice, so that he won’t know that I am telling him a lie.

No matter what I tell him, he always treats me nice. One time when I did not have any money, he gave me candy for free.

As I approach the store, a bunch of Savage Skulls come charging out the door and bump into me.

“What the hell kid! Why did you bump into me?
His friend adds “Yeah! what the hell kid!”

He grabs me by the chest and lifts me off the ground. At that moment the owner of the store runs out and yells

“Get out of here you bunch of animals! You wild things!!”

They all ignore him and continue as if they were the kings of this domain – nobody can touch them. They ignored the screaming lady and ignore me as I yell at them

“let me down!”

As I’m dangling, another guy grabs my feet and pulls them up.

“Nice Keds kid!”

He pulls out a knife and reaches down to cut the laces in order to take them off my feet, when Max – the leader of the ‘wild things’ walks out the door.

“Put him down! Lets get out of here before the pigs come! Lets go!”

Boy that is the closest I’ve come to loosing my… Well, I can’t draw myself to say it.

The owner takes me inside and gives me a glass of water and some free ice cream. Wow!

“I know that life is hard here, but I never thought this would happen.”

Needless to say I did not make it to the library for my book.

I just went home to where my warm supper must be waiting for me.

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