The Boys of Summer

Ahhh! the start of summer. This means no school, playing outside 24/7 and of course baseball. The Yankee Stadium is less than 4 miles away and summer camp always does a couple field trips to the ballpark.

I like the field trips to the ballpark much better than trips to the community pool. Last year, several bullies would hang around the pool and pick on the smaller kids. I hope they outgrow that this year.

Last year, they held my head under the water for what seemed like an eternity. I tried to hold my breath as long as I could. They were not going to get me!! I kicked as hard as I could! I was proud of myself – it was the longest I have ever held my breath. But I could not do it anymore, I started swallowing water with the taste of chlorine. It burned on the way down and it started to weigh me down. Fortunately for them, the lifeguard stopped them before I could work my way free. At least I assume it was the lifeguard, because when I came to, it was him that was giving me mouth-to-mouth at the edge of the pool.

But not this year! We are going to the home of Mickey Mantel, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra and Roger Maris. The home of the world famous New York Yankees, to see a new star outfielder, Reggie Jackson. Maybe the Yankees can win the World Series this year.

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