Scavenger Hunt : A Stitch in Time

Paris has many stories to tell. Some are embraced as the bright light of the city’s history, others are relegated to the passage of time.

This is one of those stories…


Staring Point :

At the point where ‘ile aux Juifs’ and ‘ile du Patriarche’ meet, sits a garden that commemorates a time long gone. At the entrance to the Garden a plague describes the dark events that happened here.

Long, long ago on a somber March day, two people are burnt at the stake for their actions. One of them was the head honcho of a multi-national conglomerate that became more powerful than the Pope; richer than most kings of the time; and a banking system, with large reserves, that financed many kings of France.

For this imperial power, he paid a price. He was captured, stripped of his title and power, and ultimately held captive in a prison tower. The name of his conglomerate tells you, not only what he did, but the site that serves as your second location.

Second Point :

The tower in which he was held captive stands no more.

But the void space of its existence still sits.

This place, a rectangular oddly enough called a ‘square’ is a ‘space’ where now-a-days Parisians enjoy the sun within the city.

The buildings that now enclose it are beautiful examples of Paris’ “Belle Epoque” gone by. But one wondrous example stands out even more. With its Morning Glory, she fills the place with a majestic air.

If you raise your face towards the sky, let the morning light shine on your back and look closely, you will find your way to the corner where majestic Dawn spends her time.

You will find her waiting…

She waits for the sunrise, at which time Dawn raises her veil towards the heavens. Her days are spent running away from the Twilight at her feet. Her nights are spent anticipating the days to come. She is caught in a strife between light & dark. When she is about to lose hope, the Guardian of the winds blows aside the darkness to reveal the Awesome splendor from heaven.

Descending from a cloud comes the Virgin & Child with the rays of light serving as a halo of their glory. Looking down from the all-encompassing Heaven, God sits at the end of the rainbow shining down his light of approval.

In all their majesty, the holy ones come to lift Dawn’s hope & reveal to her that the time has come…

What device was revealed to Dawn?

Third Point :

Now that you found the device, I want you to know that there are over 100 of these in Paris. So how can you pinpoint where the next device is located? Well here you will find Cronus of course. But also a clothed lady standing next to him holding a sword & a scale.

What she is doing there has something to do with this saying at her feet:
Hour Fugitive - Instantly Right

Obviously, she is not blindfolded. So she should be able to read it in Latin to know that it states.

Maybe that explains why it’s called “Judgment Day.”

Find where this device is located & this building tells you what happens here. It also gives you a clue & moves us to the next point.

Forth Point :

So now I bring you full circle. here you have reached the building where this king was surrounded by advisers around his Beds of Justice.

He rebuilt the palace & in his court, he was called “The Fair” – but not because of his ethics…

He expelled all Jews from France, pilfering all their belonging. He had a constant power struggle with the Roman papacy. He was deeply in debt to the multi-national conglomerate (mentioned in the first point) therefore, leading to his destruction of them! He killed its leaders (that you saw in the first point), disbanded all its members & stole all their money & gold.

Having plundered all that was the conglomerate’s keep, he defrauded the people…

He was pretty nasty, so there aren’t too many statues of this king in Paris. There was one of him as a knight in armor on a horse – but the people didn’t think it was a correct likelihood & destroyed it in 1772.

The only one still around shows him laying down on the job. He can no longer listen to the masses. To find him signals the end of his story & the story that ended the world’s first superpower.

Who is this king & where is his statue located and what organization did he destroy?

Enjoy the journey!

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Dreams : Capturing the Panorama

In a dream I had last night, I saw myself at a waterfront site in Florida. Does not feel like my home town, but a touristy area.

A small pond and a decorative wooden bridgeAlmost as if I was in a Japanese garden in the Keys. My family & I were enjoying the warm, sunny day. They were looking at the animals with their back to the water & I was facing a beautiful curved wooden bridge over a pond.

The colors were very vibrant – purples, yellows & a broad spectrum of greens. The bridge was weathered with moss at its feet.

I decide to take a picture of it and pull out my smartphone. As I open the camera app, I decided to take a panoramic shot. Of course I am focusing on the camera & its settings & it feels like a long time has passed. Finally I point the camera at the bridge & start the scan across the panorama.

I intend to swing the camera from the bridge away over the waters to capture the calm waters & ultimately ending on the beautiful colors of the landscape across the pond. As I start the sweep, I swing away from the bridge, I capture the waters, but they are not calm. The water seems to be draw away & the wind is pulling away.

I keep sweeping the panorama & now the winds have changed. They are coming back & the waters seem to be rising. I just can’t even fathom what I am seeing! I know that water receding & then returning means danger, but I am frozen. Inactive, except for the sweep of the panoramic shot. I can’t see on the screen the beautiful landscape of a few minutes ago and my mind can’t seem to process what it is seeing.

Now I am at the last two frames of the panorama. I don’t see the beautiful landscape, but capture a very tall wave cresting & curling over. It is over 50′ feet tall & the scene is now at the shore of an ocean – even though I am standing on the same green meadow.

Finally my camera captured all the frames & it is now processing – and so is my mind! I immediately register that I am seeing a Tsunami coming towards me.

Mega wave in HawaiiThe waves have grown & has taken over my whole view.

It feels like the waves of Hawaii Five-O’s starting sequence. My mind drifts and I hear the music of Hawaii Five-O in the background.

Everything is now in a very slow motion, The mist of the waves are drops of water floating almost like in a zero-gravity environment.

Finally I realize I don’t want to acknowledge that is unfolding in front of me. I wake up from this hazy state of mind and run to catch up to my family.

I grab them & scream to run! They instinctively just run hollering back at me “why?? We just keep running and running…

I wake up with the words “Purim” stuck in my head. Over the last year I have learned not to question what shows up when I wake up. Just accept & investigate. So I did – This year Purim falls on 14 Adar 5773 – February 24/25…

What is occurring on that day?

  • On that day we will have a full moon.
  • Day before (23rd), Mercury will begin Retrograde in Pisces. A retrograde is an optical illusion where Life will seem to stop, slow down and lean backwards. Things will seem to be weird & off-kilter. Just like in my dream. This will continue until March 17
  • Purim (“lots”) is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction.
  • In doing research, a few ‘viewers’, including the WebBot Project, have had visions of unusual water events (flood, Tsunami, storms) to start on these days.
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