Vivid Dreamscapes

Scent of a Woman

It is midnight as I return home.
asleep, I will find her again.
Undressing in the dark, I feel my way
towards the foot of the bed.

Head into the bath readying for bed
Brush my teeth and check the stubble.
As usual, I stare into the mirror to see
the effects of the day.
Today’s toils were not so bad after all.

I turn off the bath lights and
walk into the darkness of the room.
I prop up one pillow & set the other
ready to hug it goodnight.

I pull the sheets over my head
and kiss my wife good night.
As I lean forward I smell the
sweet scent of her skin.
And remembered why I love her.

I wish to tell her so this moment.
But alas, it must wait for the dawn.
As tomorrow will be another day.

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