Thought of the Day – May 15, 2008

Today is my birthday! I’m a little sad because I have 4 siblings, 9 nieces/ nephews, 3 brothers-in-law, a sister-in-law & a couple of close friends. A few of my friends wished me a happy birthday, but the reason I was sad was because, of my family, only 1 sister called to wish me a happy birthday. Even my best friend did not call.

So today I chose to not get stuck in the disempowerment of what I make that mean, but i choose to read inspiring thoughts. Inspiring myself and hopefully pass on some of that inspiration that I got from this quote. It inspires me to live an inspiring life no matter what the circumstances of life are like.

“If we all did the things we are capable of
doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”
– Thomas Edison

Astonish yourself & those around you.

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Today is Pangea Day

“Pangea Day uses the power of film to bring the world a little closer together.”

Pangea is the hypothetical landmass that existed when all continents were believed to be one. This is where everything, all of us originated.

Pangea Day is the day where people in Barcelona, Spain; Madurai, India; Maputo, Mozambique; Medellin, Colombia; and little old me in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA can be part of a singular global event. I AM one not only with my thoughts, my family, BUT with the whole world!

It is the experience of what it is to BE human.

In one segment of the event Jonathan Harris presented his website where he explores human emotions on a global scale. I realized that I am experiencing many of the same emotions. He shows that we are one!

“Stories are the glue that holds the world together.”

It’s funny to see what one posts on a blog can actually inspire something in someone else. I guess this is why I write this blog – to actually make a difference out there. Maybe something I say can make a difference out there.

Another presenter, Ishmael Beah was a child soldier when he lost his family at war in his African country. He asked us to

“See each other’s common humanity and not the differences that tear us apart.”

He expressed that Hope is a form of strength! So my hope for the world is that war, anger, hatred, indifference will all one day disappear and we can live united as one!

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Weddings, Funerals & Baptisms

I was reading Redondowriter’s blog today. She said something that struck me!

Both my husband and I were extremely active in this parish until we separated in 1984. In 1987 I moved and only go back now for weddings, funerals and baptisms. The years fell away…”

Her post was about spirituality and faith. I don’t know why this stuck so deeply, they are only words expressing a moment in time. But maybe because it seems to be an impactful moment in her life, that it became impactful for me. So I started to look at it a little deeper. I instantly got a flashback – sort of a stream of consciousness started to flow thru me.

When I was growing up my father was very religion-oriented. Any activity we did was church related or had to do with religion. I remember the one time he would let us go to the movies. Very unusual – he was even excited about a movie opening. It was in the early 70’s, at the re-release of The Ten Commandments. He was so excited! We got to the movie theater early, waited in line for hours and this was on a Friday night – after sunset, no less.

What’s the point? Her post (not necessarily what she was referring to – but the mere fact that it was posted for me to read) was a catalyst for a moment of clarity in my life. That is, that because of conditions of my life, I’ve used my dad’s commitment to religion to separate myself from the church. Allowed it not to be a part of me anymore – only returning for – weddings, funerals & baptisms…

Every day I observe someone, some situation, some place and I[‘m]comforted, connected. I’ve had a spring resurgence of sacred ordinary.”

I am experiencing that spring resurgence. My spirituality keeps calling me. I’ve come to the realization that I’m connected to a stream of consciousness (God) that keeps calling – only I’ve not been listening. The message is clear. It is the return to the truth of life; to the simple cycle that we are connected to:

weddings, funerals & baptisms…
Life, death & rebirth

I too continue to grow-up when it comes to my faith.

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