Thought of the Day – May 15, 2008

Today is my birthday! I’m a little sad because I have 4 siblings, 9 nieces/ nephews, 3 brothers-in-law, a sister-in-law & a couple of close friends. A few of my friends wished me a happy birthday, but the reason I was sad was because, of my family, only 1 sister called to wish me a happy birthday. Even my best friend did not call.

So today I chose to not get stuck in the disempowerment of what I make that mean, but i choose to read inspiring thoughts. Inspiring myself and hopefully pass on some of that inspiration that I got from this quote. It inspires me to live an inspiring life no matter what the circumstances of life are like.

“If we all did the things we are capable of
doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”
– Thomas Edison

Astonish yourself & those around you.

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