Negative Thoughts Are Running Me

Today I sat down to watch some TV. Its been a while since I’ve watch live TV. Usually it’s the Tivo with my favorite show.

Boy! Show after show is negative gossip; he-said-she-said talk show; bickering reality show!; Even Nancy Grace was gossiping about Rob Lowe’s sexual harassment allegations. We have become a society who feeds off the negativity.

Channel surfing was not an activity I was enjoying today. It was no longer an exploration of what is possible but a running away from something pessimistic.

Wow! I found myself getting anxious and worked up. Negativity started running me! I even started reacting negatively with my wife. I never realized how much negativity generates even more negativity. The energy started to change inside me.

So what do I do?

I empower myself – that’s what there is to do! Clear myself of that stuff and chose to be empowering and at ease with my circumstances. I of course put on my favorite show Star Trek – Voyager – to get away from that reality. In this episode, called Body and Soul, Seven is forced to incorporate the Doctor’s matrix into her own body to hide the hologram from their captors so that they will not destroy him. The captors consider them terrorists and are negative, suspicious and doubtful of the Voyager crew.

Anyway the Doctor is fascinated by the new found ‘zest’ for life that he is experiencing in Seven’s body. He is fascinated by what seven/humans take for granted – taste, smell, touch and emotions. He is even fascinated by the taste of prison rations.

The captors are fascinated by these unusual strangers and become friendly with the Seven/Doctor mix. The negativity and distrust they felt for the Voyager crew just faded away by Seven’s way of being. They even start to work side-by-side.

Anyway, the point is that all the characters are in their own way subjugated, self-absorbed and find themselves isolated. To the point – they are lonely (sound familiar). By experiencing one another they are each pulling the other out of the negativity that the circumstances gives them.

It is in the indulgence of our own humanity where “life is worth living.”

“The whole world is full of experiences and sensations but you insist on denying yourself.”
-The Doctor to Seven – Voyager

As a society we deny ourselves the good and choose to indulge in our own negativity. Negativity breeds negativity – and keeps us from living a happy life. So by extrapolation – positivity can breed positivity.

The program ends with a toast to a new friendship:

“To shared experiences.”

How about choosing that over the negative that our circumstances gives us. Free yourself and live life like it was meant to be – Happy!

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