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Farther then the Sun

A hauntingly beautiful song by Caroline Lavelle! As I listen to this song I am drawn to a moment of pure clarity. The music, the words, the melancholic melody puts me in a dream state and I just melt away into the words. I am pulled in & even to the point of being absorbed by the words. I feel her emotion and even feel the anger that gave life to her words.

The sea it freezes over….
to trap the light
And I’m in love with being in love
and you were never quite the one.
in Gerda’s eyes, fragments of what you’ve become
and all the moths that fly at night
believe electric light is bright
you are not worthy.”

I love to dig into a song’s lyrics to find its meaning. I love to know what story inspired the creation of the song. So needless to say “in Gerda’s eyes, fragments of what you’ve become” really caught my attention.

This is a reference to Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen.” In the story Gerda is a little girl that goes to the end’s of the world to recapture Kay’s love. Kay was enchanted by a witch’s spell. (Read more about the spell)

Fragment of what Kay has become under the spell – in love with the Snow Queen and no memory of Gerta. He is blinded to the world around him and sees nothing. His heart is frozen over, does not feel Gerda’s love & feels nothing for no one. Gerda gives up everything in her life to search for and save Kay. Her “warm tears” can cause roses to grow from soil that was once frozen over, but cannot find Kay to unfreeze him.

Finally when she does find him and is able to warm his heart and break the spell, they return home to find that the years have past them by and she has lost much more then she thought. In recapturing Kay and his love, she has lost it all!

“you are not worthy, you are not worthy”

So in the song, the writer sees herself as Gerda – in love with the idea of Love and has given everything up for this ideal. Her realization that giving up everything, even her ‘self’ for him – is what she is questioning. Now in her mind is he “worthy” of her love? The story leaves you wondering – what the future holds for them, we do not know. Is he ever going to be capable of loving her as profoundly as she does him?

Will he ever be free from the ‘spell’ he is under….

Her pain & disappointment is strong & I’m feeling it all! This struck a chord with me. I felt as if she was speaking to me. This seems to be a re-occurring theme for me. It is what the old man in my “Bella Mercedes” story and in my “Foolish Old Man” story are doing. Am I too wrapped up in what I’ve lost, that I let the world just pass me by?

I am so wrapped up in my business. Paying bills, making my business grow, making my life work; grieving my lost ones, that I do not see Mercy’s moments of hope (tears). Am I too frozen over for her warm tears – capable of thawing roses frozen over by a harsh winter – it may not be capable of reaching me. How am I going to be worthy??

This song is haunting, spellbinding and beautiful – just beautiful in it’s message!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this video and your thoughts on it- wow. It truly is powerful, both in lyrics and in sound. It feels trite to respond with "It really made me think," but the truth is: It really made me think…

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