Foolish Old Man… – 3rd installment

(Another portion of my short story… Please let me know what you think.)

Kirk finds himself drifting off to the days when he was a good boy. He reminisces about the wooden mop he so proudly rode, as his horse, off to the sunset. Those were the days when life was good. Those were the days that were so rudely taken from him.

At that moment Mercy walks in to pickup Marc. “Hi Kirk”, she says in a soft soothing voice. Instantly Kirk snaps out of his fantasy and enters his reality. Mercy’s voice reminded him of his daughter’s voice & the sentiments of anger and bitterness hits him like the cold chill on a bitter winter’s day. Immediately his facial expression changes. The right brow drooped a little, the fists started to grip the sheets tightly and the hairs on the back of his neck came to attention. Here he finds himself reaching for the past. He reaches deep into the tunnels of his life and pulls out anger. “What are you bothering me for!? Take this kid home so that he does not bother the good folk who are trying to get some rest!”

Mercy sees both sides of Kirk. She glanced in earlier to check on Marc & saw Kirk enjoying a truly innocent expression of love. Now only to be broken by the anger of a bitter old fool! How much more can she take? How much longer can she deal with her father’s illness and Kirk’s self-pity. She asks herself these questions more and more as the days go by. This place, this job, this man! are getting to her and are starting to get to Marc.

Marc had befriended another older gentleman before & as they were growing closer together, the gentleman died. That day, Marc shows up to the nursing home and runs to Carl’s room to show him his new teddy bear – only to find an empty, freshly made bed. His belongings were no longer lined up on the bureau across from the bed either. “Where’s Carl?” is all he said – all that needed to be said. It became clear for him that Carl will no longer be there to play with him. He cried for days. I don’t want him to experience that again with Kirk – how about the day his grandfather passes away? How is that going to shape Marc’s future?

“I can’t do this anymore” exclaims Mercy. “I need to find a better way!”

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