Visitation #8???

Oh no!! another dream! This time it’s my father! I dreamt that my brother & I got the news of his passing and we were hugging each other in sorrow. The dream was so deep and so personal that I woke up crying. I was crying because of the pain & sorrow, but maybe, as I have previously analyzed (visitation #7), this is the first sign of my visitations.

Now don’t think that I take the visitations lightly or that I am blindly falling for it. For years I was a skeptic & took them to be dreams with the coincidence of life just happening. But over the years I have learned that there is no such thing as coincidences. So now I keep my analytical process, while accepting that there are things beyond our knowledge. I have to accept the visitations as they come.

Actually my analytical process is continually being refined. The two step process is now five steps. 1: The dream happens. 2: I am aware that it is a dream no matter how real it was – or should I say – I actually remember the whole dream in the morning. This step is important since the only time I remember my dreams is when I write them down. Otherwise they are gone by the time I brush my teeth. 3: The visitation occurs within a few days of the dream. 4: the visitation actually occurs visually or audibly. 5: It is clearly not a dream state. I am awaken by the voices & I see the image or hear the voices after waking up.

So now I apply my analytical process to this current occurrence. The dream of someone dying occurred & step two, I did not forget it in the morning. So I was dreading step no 3. Actually It occupied my mind for the next few day. I called my dad & told him I loved him. He was actually not feeling well. I prayed for him. I did not want to go to sleep for the next few days for the fear that step 3 would occur. I am happy to say that step 3 never occurred.

I have had many of these type of dreams in the past without actually getting a visitation. But this time it was my dad. It scared me! I need to develop an additional check point so that I do not jump into any conclusions.

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