Big Bang..

In an essay called “Before the Big Bang, There Was . . . What?” By Dennis Overbye he states that “Some theorists suggest that the Big Bang was not so much a birth as a transition, a ‘quantum leap’ from some formless era of imaginary time…”

According to quantum physics and the Big Band theory, our universe came from a big band and has been constantly expanding. Has it reached a maximum point of expansion? at which point it will start contracting and shrinking towards its point of origin. This point of origin is called a Black Hole, because it is a dark mass where even light cannot escape its grip. It is a highly compressed mass of matter. So in theory this mass will be so tightly compressed that it will implode and start a Big Band again.

Dennis Overbye continues.. “According to a theory known as eternal inflation, put forward by Dr. Linde in 1986, what we know as the Big Bang was only one out of many in a chain reaction of big bangs by which the universe endlessly reproduces and reinvents itself. ‘Any particular part of the universe may die, and probably will die,’ Dr. Linde said, ‘but the universe as a whole is immortal.'”

Life is constantly expanding and contracting. like our universe, our lives do not have a beginning nor an end. It is not a linear progression with a start or end. It is an infinate cycle of existance. What is, has always been and always will be. Doesn’t this sound like God? the everpresent and almighty source of energy and of course the source of our existance.

The beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.

So shouldn’t we accept the fact that our existance does not have an end, so therefore does not have a beginning. I mean that our linear definition of time is an artificial human construct and not the way that God intended for us to exist. When we die, I believe, is not the end of our existance, but a transition to another form of our existance. For example, when you go on a journey, you get on a plane,train or car and go to your destination. You are not the vehicle for the trip but are the passenger. When you get there you are transformed into ‘vacation mode’ and enjoy a different life. When you get home you are the same person you were before the trip started.

So therefore the trip was only a small part of your life. You have the memories and the good/bad experiences from it, but they are no longer a part of your day today. I believe that our lives are the same way. This trip (our lives) is a small part of who we are. We experience and remember our days but they are only a small spec of our total spiritual existance. We exist in an infinate continuum never ending never dying. Yes our bodies die, but the body is only the vehicle of this part of our journey. It is not our whole existance.

Think of it this way, An acorn growns on the tree and one way it must part ways and must fall to the ground. You may think that it is now dead, that it will now roll away – possibly get washed away, but alas it is only the start. The acorn needs to fall if it will one day become a tree. This is God’s Ultimate Triumph – the continuum of our existance.

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