Next Spring – Again

Do not cry for me
on these last days of winter.
For spring is around the corner
and a new day will come.
Soon the sun will rise
and will sit proud in the sky.
Days will be long and
full of life!

Happy and joyful will be my days
seeing old friends, all over again
so please make winter end
and just let spring –
begin again.

This life has been good
and full of joy,
but the cycle of life
comes for us all

Winter, spring, summer and fall
“It is good” said God to us all,
so, see you around,
my little child,
see you around –
next spring again.

Angel, in Hospice
gets tender care.
His body – frail
and weak again –
sets like the sun in a slow descend.
Little by little his winter ends.

Please God, help Angel –
see spring

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