Cosa Nostra (redux)

Another dream with the Sopranos. This time I was a member of their group. We were scamming somebody at a major sporting arena. We were all getting ready in our hotel room and have started regrouping in the lobby. We make our way to the arena and are now waiting in line to enter the complex. It is very noisy and hectic with everybody anxiously waiting to get in. The elevator gives me the feeling of another dream where the elevator rose indefinately and went in many different directions. We are rising to the top level (the V.I.P.) section, but when we get off it feels odd. At this point I remember that I left my tools at the hotel room & tell the guys that I will return shortly.

Back at the hotel room I get my tools and get this wierd sensation that somebody is watching me. As I return to the V.I.P. room, I keeping looking over my shoulder – stange feeling. Everybody is there including the guy we were going to scam & ultimately kill. The scam is going down & they give me the signal to kill him, when there’s a pounding at the door. The door slams to the floor and we are flooded with SWAT and secret service agents.

The guys are all looking to each other as if asking – who snitched?? when all of a sudden this cocky officer turns to me and says “thanks for the tip!” Tony gives me this look, as if to say – “I am going to kill you!”

Strange feeling – I just realized that by returning to the hotel room I had alerted the agents and ultimately lead them back to the V.I.P. room. Again I was the culprit of Tony’s demize.

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