The Dancer

This photo came to be from a mistake. I had the camera on a low setting & the movement became streaks. But with a little enhancement & playing with the color, make a picture that I am proud to post.

It shows her movement & the excitement the lights create in the environment. I love how much action is expressed in a still shot.

Chicuito, Peru

Iglesia de Chicuito

I was very fortunate to have Otilia, Sandra and Mari not only be great tour guides, but they offered all their friendship to me. This was the most amazing experience to have Mari & Sandra (who did not know me) offer their time & attention to me. Thank you for taking me everywhere and for being generous in letting me take pictures. I think I may have pissed Mari off though… She keeps giving me the two-finger salute – haha! Funny as heck in that the more she did not want me to take pictures, the more I tried annoying her. Ha-Ha [nggallery id=7]