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Hi, I am Pablo Solis. A designer, amateur photographer, artist and an avid writer. Please feel free to Contact Me!

Enjoy your weekend!

A creative, visionary, a Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur & yes! I have many more labels…
Skilled in building teams of design professionals that are committed to fulfilling on your dream. We are team leaders; liaisons between client and builder.

+ DESIGNER : As a Residential Designer I have been designing homes & additions for hundreds of clients. I have also designed & prepared prototypes of a medical device for a client. As a Web Designer, I have designed & managed several websites, blogs and photoblogs.

+ PHOTOGRAPHER : As a photographer, I can say that I am an amateur. (Checkout my photoblog), but I love it and I do it to inspire others!

+ FOUNDER : Founder of the BabyGraceFoundation.org I am dedicated to providing Dignity, Peace & Compassion for abandoned and discarded babies. Our mission is simple : “May No Baby Leave This World Unloved!”

As founder & President of SolisDesignsInc.com, my passion is to assist my clients in creating their dream homes! Since 1997, we have created 100’s of additions, remodels and new homes. My specialty is the design of Luxury Homes & Waterfront Estates, but my commitment to each client is excellence. I take the dreams and visions of each clients and create a design that not only fulfills on your dreams, but exceeds your expectations.

We identify best-use of your property and design a home that maximizes the benefits of the property. Be it a 20,000 SF high-end luxury home or a single room addition – we make your dream a reality! View my Online Portfolio

As the creator and owner of luxurywaterfronthome.com – We provide a unique directory of Luxury home products and interior design ideas for the sophisticated luxury home buyer.

+ WRITER : Have written several articles for online publishing. Currently, I also have several blogs (Dreamscapes, Descansos.org/blog, Another Day at the Point, & several more), on many different subjects.

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