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I wanted to share a blog I’ve been writing for a while & that I have recently updated!

It is called Vivid Dreamscapes. This blog is a wordpress blog where I write about dreams, visitations, stories and anything that is important to me at the moment.

I’ve taken on writing a couple of stories & have posted bits of it here to share what I’ve been up to lately.

I have also gone out on the skinny branches & shared my paranormal experiences. I have an ability to connect with the spirits of people as they are leaving the human shell – we call our bodies – and are moving on to another existence beyond what we know to be.

Yes, call them ghosts if you like, but I like to think of them simply as souls leaving this earthly plane on a higher journey.

I’ve had written of over 15 such encounter and the impact they had on me, but most importantly, sharing of the love and goodbyes that each family gets to experience as a sense of closure.

I invite you to read this blog & share with me what you think.

Enjoy it!

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